Friday, August 29, 2008

Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel Wants It All, James Wolpert Wants To Get In The Picture

I don't think I'll have time to post my Fall Movie Preview picks before I leave for China tomorrow so in the meantime, enjoy this new full song clip from High School Musical 3: Senior Year with Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel singing "I Want It All":

They really went full out on it didn't they?

The movie is out in theatres October 24th.
Here's the clip from the song "Now Or Never"
Here's the preview with the link to the trailer.
Here's the one sheet poster.

Meanwhile on this week's High School Musical: Get In The Picture, Zac Efron shows up, and the series tries its darndest best to create some suspense by having James Wolpert (above, below with Tierney) SEEM like he's about to be kicked off to the Chorus.

Stan has totally improved but I thought Christina, who would probably be my second favorite after James, was not that great this week, and yet she "won" this weeks challenge. Still, James was by far the best again, so the fact that TJ and James were the final 2 NOT picked to go on, and they changed the rules on them announcing only one was leaving this week was a cheap ploy (video clip below) to keep it interesting since I think I would have freaked if James was out. Please. He's got the competition in the bag, and if he IS out, I'm probably not going to watch anymore.

So I also got this email from apparently Bud Wolpert, James father (can anyone substantiate this?) and he told me that James Wolpert is actually cousins with another fave of mines, Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening and Hair (and is now filming the new Ang Lee film). Well, both are from Pennsylvania. Both have amazing voices and are really likable in their stage presence.

Here's this week's group performance:

Here's James being psyched out:

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Musings of a Perkinated Mind said...

James is, by far, my favorite too and I think I too would stop watching if he was booted. I have no idea HOW they thought Christina was best in show this week. She didn't stand out to me at all.

Vance said...

Seriously, usually love Christina but she was NOT good this past week. Which again I think is why it was all just a ploy to drum up a bit of drama since it's so OBVIOUS James CANNOT be booted.

Sarah said...

Hey, you mentioned the thing about the email from Jame's father "Bud" I'm not sure if thats what he goes by but the Lancaster News Papers said his dad's name is George. Regardless of who your source is the information is still good. James is indeed Jonathan Groffs cousin. (my brother was in in play with James which Jonathan Groff actualy came to see his cousin in.)

Steanie said...


I just stumbled upon these entries now and I can confirm that your email was from James' father. I interned at Lancaster newspapers this summer and did a story about James and HSM: Get in the Picture. James is exactly the same in person as he was on tv - one of the nicest, and humble, kids I've ever met. AND he's extrmely funny, in a dry way.

Anyway, his dad's name is actually George, but he goes by Bud a lot (I was able to speak with him and James' mother a lot, as well as one of the faculty members - Tiana Brown). Just thought I'd let you know, even though this is kinda old news now.

I'm still very upset that he didn't make the final four, especially because I thought the night he got axed was one of his best performances - I hate to admit, but I have to agree with my sister in believing the whole thing was planned: they needed two guys and two girls in the final and, of course, Stan won because he's basically Troy, a jock who suddenly realized he loves singing.

That's alright, I see James becoming bigger than him anyway. :)