Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glorious Uneducated Preconceptions Of The New The Amazing Race Teams

I've lost count of what season The Amazing Race is on now but it's back!!! Sunday September 28th (at 8pm) and they've announced the cast! This year, the traveling show will include countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Russia, India and Kazakhstan. (It's the 13th season by the way. Holy, did we really have 12 races already?)

At this point its still really too early to figure out everyone but let's do it anyways!

Token gay contestant?:

My guess is Nick, an actor (in an army tank no less) who appeared in The Fantastiks Off-Broadway and is teaming up with his sister Starr. Their mother never really gave them a chance did they?

UPDATE: Apparently Nick goes out with Starr's best friend. Though that could still mean anything, but ModFab knows his details but was still all cryptic about it.

Biggest attempts at the pity factor:

Anita and Arthur, the full grown actual human travelling gnomes, or Andrew and Dan,

The frat brothers (what? THEY'RE the frat brothers? I thought they were the Comic book geeks team)... or Mark and Bill,

the actual Comic book geeks team.

We are going to love him or hate him depending on how he treats his mama:

Dallas with his mom Toni.

Couples we are going to love to hate:

Anthony and Stephanie, the formerly engaged couple (oh no THAT couple),

Terence and Sarah, the newly dating couple (could be cute, could be nauseating), and

Ken and Tina, former NFL player with his cheerleader EX (oh no, THAT couple AND he's a former jock star... so like issues galore)

Token Black team that we will root for just because they are Black, unless she's annoying because she's an "actress":

Aja and Ty, recently dating couple

The "cutthroat" girls teams (groan):

Marisa and Brooke (above in pink, groan) AND Kelly and Christy (below) who I already like just for not wearing matching pink outfits (well, matching but at least it's not pink).

So my pick for favorites? Nick and Starr of course so far! Look how cute they are?


par3182 said...

i'm going to reserve my judgement on dallas until that shirt gets wet or comes off

what's up with the official site not bothering to align names and position in photos? they're just coasting these days (hippies - check, flirty girls - check, assholes - check...)

Vance said...

6 things blog? Oh cool! Love your blog!

But yeah, they know we are just suckers for Phil as he says "on your marks..." so they can totally coast now.

These new teams better be totally breaking the stereotypes for some added pleasure but they know we love the show no matter what. Especially when the racers will have to try to speak Khazakstanian (?)!