Friday, April 13, 2007

One Jonathan Groff To Live

I would never usually recommend watching daytime soaps (the last time I watched, Anne Heche was playing twins (one evil of course)) but starting next week, at Wednesdays, April 18th at 2pm on ABC, on One Life To Live, Jonathan Groff starts his stint on the sudser. Woot Woot! Never have I been so excited to watch a daytime soap opera.

And if by now you don't know (big sigh of annoyance with the whole slumping shoulders and eyes looking up), Jonathan Groff plays Melchior on Broadway's Spring Awakening which I've talked about almost daily at this point, if not more (and I won't stop until it starts selling out). There's also a new video clip of Groff doing a little Behind The Scenes of Spring Awakening!!!

(Photo directly above from Broadwayworld.com)

Check Here For More On Jonathan Groff and Spring Awakening

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Kim said...

apparently he actually started THIS wednesday (11th). but he was on for 5 minutes or something. and i think he wasn't on yesterday? i don't know. but there's a podcast video on the abc or cbs site (whichever oltl is on) that has him on his first day of shooting.

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