Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tapeworthy Goes Political

I usually try to keep everything on this blog light and fluffy and avoid any deep meaning stuff because, well, hell, we all have enough problems to deal with in real life so you don't really need to listen to my bitching about the environment (please save and respect) and idiot drivers (please learn to drive properly) and gay marriage (obviously pro) and religion (pro faith (well, not me but if you want to, go ahead. I had already suffered through an all-boys Catholic school so that was enough for me please) but con on organized whatever) . Plus, you don't want to get me started...

Still, what happened Monday in Virginia was a complete tragedy and my heart goes out to all the victims, but last night, as they were showing the memorial services and candlelight vigils, there was an interview with some dude from the NRA in Colorado ranting more about how everyone should have guns, and that Canada, has the same shooting rate as the states (though he later recanted and just said the adjacent states that borders on Canadian provinces, except New York of course) which, while I don't have the exact numbers, I can positively say, uh NO. I remember when Toronto was freaking out a few years ago because we had 50 shootings in one year. Isn't that like a monthly rate for Detroit?

Anyways, even if I play along and say, fine, guns are allowed, wouldn't you have more than a 10 minute computer screening before someone is allowed? Again, the NRA nitwit said it was a great registry already and could check everything. Except for the shooters past mental history and the fact that he was a loner who stalked women and had been checked in before. Sign him up for a gun! Stat!

I won't even start with those crazy Baptist whatever that are protesting the memorials. I'm not even going to link on that because it's so heinous.

Now, onto a completely different rant, now I hear that Survivor is going to China. ARGH. I have major beefs with my supposed homeland and the fact that we all run to this nation with a horrible track record, all to make cheap shoes, golf clubs and T-shirts (mainly because there are a billion available workers for the cheap, not because the peasants are actually becoming richer) is HORRIBLE.

I know. Avoiding buying anything "made in China" is like avoiding breathing air. It just can't be done. Still, the Olympics (where they spraypainted the "grass" green to pretty up the place for the Olympic committees visits), and all this participation from the world grovelling to be part of China's growth is just disgusting as we ignore the fact that it's still technically a COMMUNIST COUNTRY that is doing BAD things to its people (plus the cats and dogs of North America either... don't EVEN get me started about a nation that believes copying and making fakes is legitimate business).

Whatever, thank god my grandparents got out. Thank you grandma's and grandpa's on both sides of the family. Seriously, it's like all the smart people got out (Oh No He Did Not just Say That) (Oh Yes I Did) (well think about it. The Cultural Revolution was a revolt against the upper class and the intellectuals and they killed them all. You're left with a nation of morons). Okay, let the backlash on me begin... Bring It.

Hmm... I'm not going to be allowed back into China again are I? Thank GOD...

(Okay. I'm not usually this angry (or so I delude myself into thinking). In fact. I'm quite nice in person. Really I am... fine. Don't believe me... ha)

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