Friday, November 30, 2007

30 Rock - Grrr, I Lik'em Young, Rowr

Cougars - Ep. 207

There's a cute new coffee boy at 30 Rock. His name is Jamie (UPDATE: Actor/ Singer-songwriter Val Emmich, thanks Popcandy via AE). His hair does the faux-hawk thing (seriously, when is that going to be out again? I still half refuse to do it since I laughed at it when Beckham first did it years ago I figured it would never last... boy was I wrong. Of course, I'm afraid of the next trend moving in from Europe and South America that has already hit the gay villages and that's the faux mullet... oh lord...I'm seriously too square to be gay. Plus I've probably just offended half my readership. All 20 of you.) and has streaks of blonde in it.

Liz is asked out on a date by the 25 year old faux-hauked-blonde-streaked Jamie, since he thinks Liz is 29. She's actually 37, he's actually 20. Good lord, she could have been his mom if she was knocked up in high school. Fantastic! Hey if old men can do it, why can't women? Rowr...

Jenna, never one to be one upped, gets her own youngun' seriously crossing the Dateline-To-Catch-A-Predator line, and finds herself with an manchild who is really just a child (as opposed to grown men who are really just like children, I guess Jenna had it right, we never really do change so why go for the wrinkled one?).

Jamie the coffee boy takes Liz on dates that start at 10 (PM) and lasts into the morning, all while making Frank jealous. What you say? Scruffy boob loving Frank? Jamie is so cute that Frank becomes gay for him (oh sure, I've heard THAT before...) and fights for Jamie's affections. Frank just wants some straight man to straight man, body to body action. Don't we all. (I'm not even going to link this one).

So as Frank gays it up for Jamie's affections, Liz, through the always brilliant advice of Jenna, tries to work it out with the youngun' and buys Jamie things he can't afford. Or take him on taxi rides with less than 7 people. Seriously, I still don't. Of course, everything comes crashing down as soon as Liz meets Jamie's mom.

Meanwhile, Tracy is forced (because of community service) to lead an all black kids baseball team coming from the worst neighbourhood in New York. He asks Jack for help. Kenneth ends up on the baseball field. You know this can't go well! In the end, the team wins, with some help from some big-boned kids (who happen to be named Grizz and Dot Com).

Anyways, here's another shot of Frank gaying it up, just cause:

To be honest, I almost completely forgot Frank was on the show (and to this I add, what happenned to Josh and Toofer?) since 30 Rock has already become the hilarious nutjob show that it is just from Jack, Kenneth, Jenna, Tracy and Liz, but it was nice to see Frank back in the mix again. Pete's a good straight man within the comedic chaos but I'd like to see even more of Jonathan (Maulik Pancholy) but maybe it's because I've been catching up with Weeds and keep remembering how funny he is.

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Liz said...

If the mullet comes back, I'm seriously going to consider shaving my head in protest. Have you noticed that Christian, on Project Runway, has a total side-mullet? SO UNACCEPTABLE!