Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Amazing Race - Let's Get It On / What An Ass

Donkeys Have Souls, Too - Ep. 1201 - Season 12 Premiere

The Amazing Race 12 is off and running and it's more sexed up than ever. The even-younger-than-normal teams start the race from the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles (where it seems like most teams are from), and are off to Shannon, Ireland! Have fun at the duty free store!

We are introduced to all the teams and Jennifer and Nathan already make me laugh since they have "issues". This is going to be WAY too easy... hehe...

After the traditional race to the airport, where some of the teams manage to make the first flight, and everyone else is disappointingly relegated to a later flight, the first plane arrives late, after the 2nd plane, and it starts freaking some of the teams out (like the hot sisters Marianna and Julia and Messy Hair group Rachel and TK). Ari and Staella (above) steal a cab from the other teams as they must race to the Temple Bennett (?) and then to to the beautiful coast of Ireland where they must ride a bike across a highwire with one team member hanging below. Holy Cirque du Soleil that looks like fun/freaky!

The yuppie couples (Jennifer and Nathan, Lorena and Jason) are already bickering ( I told you it's going to be too easy), while the plastic blondes Shana and Jennifer (above) are already broken down. Um, didn't you JUST start the race? Maybe they should have just stayed at the Playboy mansion. It would probably be easier for them to make a million dollars that way. Oh Snap.

At one point the teams are forced to walk a donkey and Jennifer and Nathan's doesn't cooperate. Team after team passes them, until Ari and Staella's donkey stops as well. I liked Ari mainly because he was so glaringly cutthroat and seemed so gayly evil but I guess karma's an ass and got an ass to stop them in their tracks. Literally.

So in the end, Ari and Staella went from first to worst and was the first team unceremoniously eliminated racing their last race, while two of my favorite (at this point) teams, smart brother and sister Azaria and Hendekea and Goth's Kynt and Vyxsin (below) take first and second place.

I'm also liking Ronald and Christina, if only because I can relate to having a Chinese father who would make a cringeworthy bad joke like "Who's Your Daddy?"... oh dad... Kate and Pat and Donald and Nicolas are cute enough if undramaworthy at this point, while I think All-American couple Nathan and Jennifer are going to be the team I love to hate.

So, there's no more gay boys on the race now that Ari and Staella (below) are gone, though Nathan seems like he's trying a bit TOO hard with Jennifer...

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I can't believe I was sitting around waiting for Brothers and Sisters and totally forgot about the Race! Dammit!