Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Opposites Repel: Tragedies in Fashion

Before I get talking about this weeks new Project Runway Canada and being all pissy because one of my favorites got kicked off, I'm going to be all pissy at Slice Channel. I THOUGHT YOU WERE SHOWING PROJECT RUNWAY in simulcast with Bravo? I guess the fall TV previews were wrong and/or you LIED. Now I'm pissed. Especially after getting so excited about Tim and Heidi's return. And you wonder why Canadians tend to download a lot (tisk tisk but okay, fine, sometimes I do understand (and will do it), especially when it's not even available to us. Oh well, so much for saying Canadians were "forward". Serves me right).

Opposites Attract - Ep. 106

So while the rest of you can enjoy Nina Garcia and Michael Kors biting comments, I'll be over here with my free health care talking about Iman and our slightly less dramatic/nicer/calmer designers. Still, the bitchery was always the best thing about the show.

So I'm shocked. I knew this was going to happen. Oh, sure. It was all fun and games and hilarity when Megan won last week, especially when we got to see the looks in the others faces. That look of total disgust, jealousy and disgust. Hilarious! Shernett looked like she was going to murder someone. The hate continued this week when everyone basically voiced their disgust over the loss of MG over Megan.

So how great was it when Iman asked winner Megan to pick her polar opposite, and Megan picked Carlie. And then Iman told them they were going to be teammates on the next challenge. Doh!

Stephen picked Lucian much to his dismay, Biddell and Kendra pair up which finally left Shernett alone. Ah, but not so quick. She will be partnered... with one of the eliminated designers AND whoever she picks will enter the competition once again. PICK LINCOLN PICK LINCOLN. He's decent enough but he's not good enough to pose a threat, as oppose to MG. Michael quietly expresses that she doesn't want to be there but I guess Shernett didn't see that because she picks Micheal.

Michael cries that she doesn't want to be there.

That she's moved on.

Uh, okay. I guess the producers really did rope all the eliminated designers into showing up for this episode? I wonder what kinda prison hold they have on these people?

In the end, Brian releases Michael and Shernett picks MG to return, much to the delight of the other designers.

So the challenge this week is to design for opposites. In any themes. But they have to be opposites.

Carlie, horrified that she has to partner with Megan actually thinks it's not so bad as they stick with a hard/soft theme. Lucian overtakes the team to a cowering Stephen, and they create dresses that the other would make (or, Stephen would make a dress Lucian would make and Lucian would make a dress Lucian would make if he were forced to make a simpler dress) and going for simple/detailed theme. Kendra and Biddell uh... I can't even remember what their theme was and can barely tell from the photos. Oh, right, Feminine/Masculine and Black and White... uh. right. how ingenious. MG and Shernett play with a corset in a grungy/high end fashions.

And what comes out? Some great from the usually bottom designers and some disappointing ones from the better ones.

Biddell's Design:
Kendra's Design:

Carlie's Design:
Megan's Design:

Lucian's Design:
Lucian's Design via Stephen:

MG's Design:
Shernett's Design:
So, let's face it. Megan's dress was FUGLY. It was too simple. It didn't fit well. It was bad. But she had immunity from winning last week. DOH. I knew that would come back to haunt the competition.

So that left everyone else.

I kinda like Shernett's but the judges hated it. HATED IT. Luckily for MG, the guest judge (some prissy buyer something-or-another exec) loved her wildchild dress. Biddell and Kendra's were sent off safely first. Decent but underwhelming.

Meanwhile, everyone loved Lucian and Stephen's dresses but worried that Lucian took over the entire project, which Stephen sadly admitted to.

So since Megan was automatically safe, and someone had loved MG's dress, it was down to Carlie's dress (which had an ill fitted bum) or Shernett's which the judges just didn't get. ACK. TWO GREAT designers in the bottom two so no matter what, I wasn't going to be happy. In the end, Carlie got the boot. Before Stephen. Before Megan. WTF?

I needed a new batch of designers to help me forget this tragedy but again, since SLICE totally shammed us here in Canada, we won't be caught up with the original Project Runway now. What a tragedy. "Not like genocide or famine". Or Chuck and Ned. Still tragic.

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Anonymous said...

Megan didn't have immunity. If you watch Episode 5 again, you'll see that Iman mentions there is no immunity. The prize was having Measha where your dress.

Which makes it more confusing as to why Megan is still there.

Vance said...


Oh yeah. Maybe I was wrong in my recap. But then. WTF is Megan still doing there???

That was a hideous dress.