Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pushing Daisies - No Nose Knows

Smell of Success - Ep. 107

"Is that a rolling pin between your apron or are you just happy to see me?"

I'm happy alright! Happy to see Ned, Olive, Emerson, Chuck, Young Ned, Digby and Aunt Vivian and Aunt Lily again! Sometimes I'm just not ready for the wonderfulness of this show! Sometimes I just don't feel worthy!

Now, it's cause the show is called Daisies, right? Is that why we are getting some of the coolest gay or gay friendly guest stars? Or are they just here to work with Kristin Chenowith and Ellen Greene? Who cares! With Raúl Esparza already having guested as Alfredo Aldarisio (and returning next week), now we get another Broadway star Christopher Sieber this week (above)! And Molly Shannon and Mike White showing up in a future episode! I love it! Plus, Paul Reubens this week along for the ride! What oddball and awesome casting!

Best product of the week: Knitwit Magazine

Juanita Gray who worked in an olfactory lab died in an explosion in LeNez's lab. Death by Scratch and Sniff. A Boobytrapped book if you will. A book intended for the creator Napoleon LeNez (get it?) (the adorably hunky Christopher Sieber, Spamalot). Ned and Emerson question a pop-up bookmaker, Chas Spielman (Tim Conlon) whose book was bumped when LeNez's new book was pushed up 2 weeks.

We also find out Emerson loves pop-up books.

Chuck wants Olive to push the aunts back into the water, and Olive is loving the mermaid stuff, until a reminder of Chuck's mother and her mysterious death sends Lily to her dark space, causing Chuck's "Phase 2" to hit a wall.

Meanwhile, as Chuck and Olive seem to be bonding, Ned worries about the possible explosiveness of the situation.

Chuck is also pushing her minipies she calls Cup Pies., lined with a honey crust but Ned is adverse to change, somehow this leads Chuck and Emerson to question Ned's past loves, one which ended up in a bear rug...

A warning sock (yes, sock) smelling of stink warns the Odd Mod Squad to stay off the case, and LeNez points out that it must be his old partner Oscar Vibenius (Paul Reubens!!!). After following the yellow thick hose within the sewer system, they find a ratlike Oscar just as LeNez's car is blown up using a tube coming from Oscar's vicinity.

I can't even begin to repeat some of the great lines and reactions from this weeks Pushing Daisies. From ANYTHING Emerson says and the way Chi McBride says it, to Olive's fantastic boobs in that Mermaid tribute to the US of A and her excitement in trying to bring the Aunts back to the water. From Lee Pace's facial expressions under that floopy hair (is it just me or does it just scream that it wants to be tussled? I want to run my hand through it and just mess it up, then comb it back straight!) to Aunt Lily remembering the joys of synchronized swimming everytime she smells the scent of chlorine (oh, excuse me, bottled sunshine).

Oscar shows up at The Pie Hole where Olive and Chuck think he's the killer, but alas he explains himself as the nice (if oddly lovable yet creepy) guy who was actually trying to save LeNez.

For once I finally guessed the outcome, as LeNez had been staging these near murders on himself for the publicity of his book (which Olive had pre-ordered! Then cancelled.) and while the death of his assistant Juanita was accidental, he realised the Odd Mod Squad was on to them and he had to kill Emerson and Ned, but alas, Olive, Chuck and Oscar are there to save the day, saving Ned and Emerson and giving LeNez a big whiff of stink. Literally.

Oscar, also a smelling expert, can't determine what Chuck smells like (Olive, on the other hand, smells like dog), and while he wasn't the killer, he becomes obsessed with figuring out the smell of Chuck's sweater. The sweater the Aunts gave to Olive because it was Chuck's mom which reminded Lily of her dark place. A sweater that could reveal the secrets of Chuck's tale. Doo doo DOOOM...

What a great set up to bring Paul Reubens back!

And how can I forget Aunt Vivian's song at the end, which almost brought a tear to my eye (apparently I'm emotional or hormonal this week or something). The Aunts finally brave it and get back into the water, with Lily slowly making peace with her dark space, and Chuck's death.

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Liz said...

I knew I recognized that guy! Definitely saw him in Into the Woods and Spamalot. Yay, Pushing Daisies!

Vance said...

Don't forget, he was Mary Kate and Ashley's dad on Two if a Kind! (Which I secretly kinda liked but probably because of Sieber). Plus, he was the dad in It's All Relative about the gay dads which had the best line about bumper stickers EVER (the other dad reads: "'Honk if you love Bush'?, Oh that's so wrong on so many levels"!

Liz said...

Mary Kate and Ashley?! Yeeeah...I'm gonna stick with the "recognized him from Broadway" line. Never saw It's All Relative, though that line is amazing.

Vance said...

Exactly! He survived Mary Kate and Ashley! With credibility! He's a trooper! (he was in fact the one thing critics kept pointing out that was great in the show... yes. I even went that far in looking it up at the time).