Tuesday, November 06, 2007

iPod Music Playlist - My iPod Is Alive But While It Was Dead I Listened To the Radio Until They Pounded These Songs Into My Head Edition

YEY! My iPod is fixed. The "genius" at the Apple Genius Bar couldn't fix it but instead of leaving it with Apple and another $200, he secretly sent me to iRepair which did the exact same thing for $40 (maybe the apple guy was a genius!). Thank god. I was in no mood to shell out more needless money right now. I have better things to do with it, like buy the actual music and DVD's.

So here's the songs that I have been humming in my head because I've been listening to the radio and the songs playing repeatedly have been permanently ingrained into my head so I have no choice but to love them. Or go nuts. Or maybe both.

Colbie Caillat - "Bubbly":

RyanDan - "The Face" - I keep laughing that twins Ryan and Dan Kowarsky were from that HORRIBLE Toronto boyband B4-4. I'm not sure this schlock is better but I always had a soft spot for this kinda Josh Groban meets Westlife schlock. In fact, I kinda love it. There's still no official video yet even though the album was released in Canada today, but here's a clip of the song played over scenes from The Lion King after the jump. Why not?

Daughtry - "Over You" - I gave up. I end up singing to it everytime I hear it in the car. I'm such a loser!:

One Republic featuring Timbaland - "Apologize" - I know it's officially Timbaland featuring One Republic but whatever. That's such a crock:


Anonymous said...

So wrong that they say One Republic by Timbaland. Please!! Where was Timb on the SYTYCD performance?? Yeah that is what I thought. I hope they didn't sell their soul for that. :)

Adres said...
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