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Project Runway North America - Sew You Think You Can Design?

Project Runway Canada - Keep A Child Alive - Ep. 107
Project Runway - Sew Us What You Got - Ep. 401

Yay! I got to see Project Runway (ahem) and Megan finally got the boot from Project Runway Canada! Oh happy day!

First off, the Canadian designers must create a dress for the rich, where their designs this week will be sold at a silent auction to benefit charities Keep a Child Alive and The Stephen Lewis Foundation, both which help children affected by the Aids pandemic in Africa and both which are near and dear to Iman.

They have a budget of $250 and the designers are off, and Lucian and Biddell do NOT see eye to eye even though they know they are each others strongest competition at this point.

Pretty much every dress is beautiful with one dress getting a bid of $10,000! But not this one, though it did save lives. Sort of:

But when it's time to judge, with this week's guest judge being Wayne Clark (? Who? Yeah, exactly, but he talked really gay and wore a crisp black shirt so he must be on the "in" in the fashion industry! (!??)), it is Biddell's dress (above) that wins unanimous (and deserved) praise from the judges. They couldn't fawn over it more than they did. You could see Lucian (who does well too) look bitter. Love the war between the gay guys. MG's dress in fact netted the largest auction bid (and Iman is happy she's returned to the competition. Well of course you say that NOW. Now that MG's dress netted a huge donation to her charity), but Biddell is later invited to some designers collection (or something like that, it was so quick in the end credits I didn't catch it all) and is the REAL winner this week.

I love Biddell. He has always been hilarious and though he's a strong designer, I didn't think he was at the top of the game, which Iman reasserted, but this week he brought it out for the children and he really seemed moved to design this dress to help out the charities. So sweet. Especially from a bitch talking Midwestern punk designer. Plus, his bitchiness is funny. So funny.

Stephen and Kendra were safe (and Iman seems to have a soft spot for Stephen, like a mother wanting her handicapped child to do well) but the judges hated Shernett's Cala Lily inspired dress and Megan's grey cloud. The theme was one of "Hope" but the dress did not inspire any in the judges and Megan was finally not measuring up. Finally. Though in the end, it was a nice ending as she knew she survived longer than she expected and left graciously. Pictures of all the runway designs below, after the jump. Watch the episode here.

Over on the new season of Project Runway, Heidi and Tim start proceedings at Bryant Park, the location for the final runway runoff, and there are $50,000 of fabric to be grabbed as the race is on for the best designer.

There are still too many designers to figure out, but we can tell Elisa is a little kooky already, Rami is pretty cool and calm. Jack is already the hottest but we knew that already, while Marion is a little weird but there's something about him that intrigues me, while Kevin is straight and proud and he wants everyone to know that.

In the end, Simone was Auf'd and Rami won the first competition while kooky Elisa sews on, even after constructing a dress that looked like it "pooped fabric". And at least my three fantasy team picks (Marion, Victorya and Kevin) are still safe (whom I'm going to stay by for this week)! Tonight, Jack reveals... some secret.

The more "interesting" designs (Elisa's and the ones I liked) below after the jump:

Project Runway:
Chris' dress:

Elisa's dress (the poopy one, that reminds me of that feathered bird in Seussical the Musical)

Victorya's dress (My current fantasy team):

Rami's winning dress:

Marion's dress (My current fantasy team):

Kevin's dress (My current fantasy team):

Jack's dress:

Project Runway Canada:

Kendra's dress:

Stephen's dress (looking more and more like Lucian's every week):

Shernett's dress:

MG's dress (with the $10,000 auction bid):

Megan's losing dress:

Lucian's dress:
Sorry Megan, you just don't measure up.

And sorry Simone, we barely knew you. Auf'd you go!

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