Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gossip Girl - Everyone Is Getting It On

Victor, Victrola - Ep. 107

It's been quite the sexed up week. First Friday Night Lights, then The Amazing Race, Franny and Gary on Aliens in America. Now all the kids are doing it on Gossip Girl. It's about time. I would have thought this show, of all shows, would have jumped on the horny bandwagon since the start.

Serena and Dan finally admit they are totally into one another and try making out only to be captured by Gossip Girl's spies. That's kinda all I remember from the episode. I think like everyweek while I watch Gossip Girl, I get dazed from the radiance of the pretty people and my brain shuts off. This week, Dan watches as Serena is making out with Nate and makes mental notes.

Yes I did not make that up. It was in Dan's mind of course (lame if not for the hilarious awkwardness of it all), as was another shirtless bed scene...

Where was I?

Blair is still furious at Jenny for being the girl in yellow at the masquerade and flirting with Nate, who tries to sweep the whole secret away. Jenny won't have any of it and tells Blair.

Chuck tries to grow up with a business proposal that his dad rejects at first, but catches dad flirting with a younger woman (who was not in fact his girlfriend), all while he's still with Lily, who is still flirting/rebuffing Rufus. Nate's dad the "Captain" is lying about his cocaine use and his wife is in denial and Nate must deal with the repercussions. You got all that? Yeah, me neither. Not quite. Except for Bart Bass hanging out at the Burlesque club with his son (the one Chuck wants to buy). Kinda creepy.

While I'm glad they are getting the adults live in just as messy situations as the kids, none really have the same spark as a Julie Cooper Nichols... (whatever it was by the end). Margaret Colin is fab as Eleanor and I love that Lily is basically skank dressed in upper east clothes but somethings missing with the adults. Morals of course, ethics, parenting skills, but that's to be expected, but as soapy as their lives are, and as much as I want to see them all get into a mess (Captain punching out Nate was a nice touch), I'd rather just watch Dan and Serena.

At least more than Blair and Chuck. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

So the parents are harking on Blair and Nate and a possible nuptial, but obviously there are problems when Blair finds out about Nate's little indiscretions to the wrong party at the masquerade ball. She let's loose in front of Chuck and in the end, as Nate gets some emotional muscles working as he deals with his coked up father, Blair and Chuck... GASP... KISS. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

I will admit, I'm liking Ed Westwick's Chuck more and more. Basically because I can scream "IT'S THE RAPIST" everytime he's on the screen and scream warnings to anybody around him (I know. It's a TV. They can't hear me. But I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least try warning those poor girls). His slightly trimmed hair helps too. Adds to the boyishness.

So, the Captain is in bigger trouble than simply punching out his son, or for possesing coke, as the police have captured him just as a large fraud investigation had been already started. Oh yeah. And Jenny knows a secret and goes to see her mother. Oh yeah, and Vanessa keeps popping into the Dan/Serena situations all the time. It's annoying. Though I'm sure more for them than me.


Anonymous said...

i hope nate and serena get married. they're cute.

Anonymous said...

wow im so suprised you dont like chuck and blair....
all the forums have EXPLODED with chuck/blair love
the clip of blair and chuck is one of the top favourites on you tube this week...and has over 125000 hits!!!

I think they have AMAZING CHEMISTRY...cant wait for more CHUCK/BLAIR!!!!

Vance said...

Actually, you should read my latest installment. I actually love it in the train wreck/ gathering of the evils way. It grosses me out (mainly cause Chuck is so terrifically slimy) but I can't turn away....

that's what I meant. haha... it helps that I'm liking Ed Westwick a lot more...

though I still say the way he plays Chuck is REALLY REALLY GAY.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is my favorite in the whole show. Nate is pathetic, and that other guy, he is forget-able...that i can't even remember his name.

Nate knows what he wants and he goes after it and he doesn't over think everything like the other characters and make us yawn our heads off.

babiboo said...

i want chuck & nate to fight over blair. Dan and Serena are a real cute couple. I think the cemistry between them is glowin but i think Penn & Blake (Dan & Serena) should date in real life. They have real cemistry on and off the screen. xoxo babiboo

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