Monday, October 15, 2007

Samantha Who? Premieres Tonight

I haven't seen the pilot yet and I've heard mixed reviews, but this cast is so top notch (Christina Applegate! Jean Smart (Designing Women, 24)! Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls)! Jennifer Esposito (Spin City, Crash), Barry Watson (finally with better hair)!) that I'll have to watch it, and while I thought it was going to get clobbered by Heroes, now with Dancing with the Stars lead in and Heroes getting REALLY boring fast (okay, fine, I still don't mind Hiro in Japan and Claire in High school but some interaction would be nice) until next week (when Veronica Mars finally shows up), I might actually watch Samantha Who? live. Maybe.

Jean Smart

Barry Watson

Jennifer Esposito

Melissa McCarthy

Tim Russ

Kevin Dunn

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