Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Ready On Any Night

Are You Ready for Friday Night?

Yes. Yes I am! How Amazing was this week's Friday Night Lights? I know. I say that every week. But how can you not?

Teary Moment of this weeks Friday Night Lights: Probably not what I would have expected either, but when Buddy Garrity had a plan to get rid of Coach McGregor and wanted Eric back as coach for the Dillon Panthers, the eyes began watering up. When Garrity spoke of Tami's brave face, or Julie acting up, you could see Eric knew he was right, and you knew Eric knew what he really had to do.

But if the rest of the episode didn't bring me to tears, it sure stopped my heart a few times. A LOT of times actually this week.

When Tyra explained to Landry's dad what she saw in Landry.

When McGregor dismissed Jason Street as the team mascot.

When captain Smash makes it clear to Saracen that he's looking out only for himself.

When Saracen jumps Smash in a brawl just after Smash scores the winning touchdown.

When Street ripped into Riggins after quitting the team (and how hot was Street in that scene?)

When Tami busts Julie making out in the van and dragging her out of the vehicle. Then slapping her. I think we all died a little right there and then.

Any scene with Tami and Eric together, dealing with Julie's breakup with Matt and her subsequent rebellion.

When Eric finally goes along with Buddy at the end.

Non gasping but still great moments after the jump:

It was good to see Corina back even though it was just in the background at the game. That woman is fierce and even though Smash could use a good smacking still that his mother lets him get away with, I still love Corina.

When Riggins attended church with Lyla, I couldn't tell if he was completely appalled and secretly rolling his eyes or slightly moved, and when he tried to kiss Lyla after, I still felt there was almost a twinge of both. Either way. It was kinda funny.

Eric in that white shirt on the sidelines of the game. Plus Riggins waking up. Yes Amanda. You were so right!

When Tyra woke up in bed with Landry, then the awkwardness after. Then after her inquisition from Landry's dad, the moment Tyra really kissed Landry for REAL. YES! You go Landry! (Why do you have a feeling his father's going to find the missing watch and body and hide it to protect his son?)

When Julie passed on the reefer madness while partying with the Swede. Oh thank goodness or I would have come to Texas myself and tell Tami to smack you again.

When Matt expected the home care worker to do the laundry. And then when she didn't. You KNOW this is going somewhere... (I loved that he didn't expect her to do it because she was Latino, just because, it would help him)!!! I heart Matt!

When Street calls Riggins and idiot for drinking in the truck, while they are still in Texas (but heading to Texas).

Another heartstopping episode. How are they going to take McGregor down?


Anonymous said...

This is the only show on tv where EVERY SINGLE episode surprises me with how amazing the acting is. In the previews I was shocked that Tami smacked Julie like that but in the show, I was glad she showed her who was boss. Poor Tami. I am so glad Eric is coming home. And even though Buddy was using his family as an excuse to get him back, he was SO right and Eric knew it.

Unknown said...

Of course I was right! Mmmm, white shirted Coach Taylor...