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Beauties and the Geeks: Extreme Makeovers for Dates Edition

Beauty and the Geek - It's Good to Be King
Gossip Girl - Dare Devil

Oh my god I love the makeover episode of Beauty and The Geek. I mean, we all love the makeover episode of any show. I mean, there are whole plays (Pygmalion), musicals (My Fair Lady), movies (Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries, She's All That etc. etc. etc.), devoted to the makeover story (isn't there even a TLC show called the Makeover Story?). Meanwhile, Gossip Girl gets to recount Lonelyboy Dan's date with Serena that finally gets underway while Blair has her famous sleepover and initiates little Jenny Humphrey's to the wicked circle.

So the transformation of the geeks to hotties is always fun to watch, even if sometimes they kinda look the same.

Or in this case, not. I told you John would have the best makeover! Luke and Jesse also turn out as total hotties but they were kinda there already and just needed a more current cut (not done by their moms). Seriously, Luke was basically already cute and now just looks like the love child of Milo Ventimiglia and Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley with a little Matt Long (Jack & Bobby) thrown in (whoa... Milo, Penn and Matt with love child................). Um, yeah. Where was I? Oh yeah: Photos of all the transformations after the jump.

Poor Jen gets stuck with Will who while adorably geeky, pretty much remains the same after the makeover (and from clips from next weeks episode, their friendship doesn't really last very long either). Joshua, the geekiest (looking and acting) of the bunch is made to look like a very handsome muppet geek, but it's SOOOO adorable it's hard not to love. In fact, it even moved partner Shay's soul! (How cute was it when she was teaching him how to wash his face? How cute was it that he practically drowned while washing his face?) Dave gets a vast improvement and while I think it could have been even furthered, I'm not going to complain considering what they originally started with. Meanwhile, Nicole HAD to look beautiful since she's really that stereotype of the already pretty girl where they pull her hair back, stick on some glasses and voila, geek Hollywood style. Then they reverse it for the poof... makeover. It's kinda half cheating already since it wasn't that hard to do.

So the newly made over Geeks get to go to prom with the Beauties, though with the Nicole and Sam twist, Nicole must ask one of the other Geeks, leaving Sam out, as well as one other Beauty who will get musical chaired out of the event. At the prom with a sampling of other prom goers (desperate actors looking to make a buck to save themselves from complete starvation/pay for their plastic surgeries and appear on camera of any form), the Geeks must campaign for the background extras partyers votes for Prom King (or Queen for Nicole). As soon as everyone realises that John is actually one of the geeks, he gets the most votes and wins the competition, saving him and Rebecca from elimination.

Meanwhile, the Beauties have to teach a class to a bunch of school kids. Is this an explanation for the decline of the education system now? I loved that Sam was actually pretty good at teaching the kids, at least until he wasn't sure if the dinosaurs breathed fire (!??). In the end, Shay wins it with a surprisingly fun way to teach the kids fractions, making them interact with each other in a game of pie eating. Where's Ned when you need him? Shay and MuppetJosh and John and Natalie choose Sam and Nicole (of course) and Luke and Katie (NO!!!!).

Sadly, Katie misses a question on the most western state (kind of a trick because I usually hear it in a version only for the continental US, plus, I would have guessed Hawaii otherwise) while Sam and Nicole do well as usual. So out goes Milo/Matt Long/Penn birthchild Luke and Katie.

The before Luke, looking his geekiest:
The makeover pictures are at the bottom of the post.

Over on Gossip Girl where Penn Badgley is considered a "geek" (yeah, in what world is that?), Serena finally promises to do a proper date with Dan and inadvertently skips Blair's famous slumber party. Blair thus invites Jenny as a blonde replacement and tries to scare her off every which way her evil little ass can. So how many TV cliches have we covered so far? And we are just getting started!

Blair (is that your father's boa? And when IS his gay daddy heiny showing up anyways?) takes Jenny out around town, to play "Truth or Dare" in the big city. Jenny's final dare leaves Jenny locked in Blair's mom's store, caught by the police stealing a jacket.

Ah, but Jenny is smarter than the average blonde on TV and talks her way out of the predicament. That's more than could be said for Blair, as she gets caught smooching onto another girl's fiance at the clubs. I love this show, it's just like The OC. No matter what, there's always a tussle at a party in every episode (tonight, it's cheating fiance vs. Dan (yeah, not sure how Dan ends up in Blair's mess but they manage to write it in)).

Mini Colin Farrell... er... Eric (Connor Paolo, who has a nice rapport with Blake Lively as his sister. And yes, Connor played a young Colin in Alexander) escapes the Ostroff Center (who wouldn't escape Ostroff?) to join Jenny and the gang, but this leaves mom Lilian (Kelly Rutherford, sounding more like Addison every week) freaked and worried which of course, means she runs straight to her ex-lover Rufus' (Matthew Settle) place.

Lilian and Rufus continue to bicker like an old married couple (or at least like on Moonlighting) all while their offsprings continue on their date. The hatred and passionate flirtations continue amongst the senior set until Lilian answers the phone to Rufus' wife. Again, I never said this show was brilliant or original. Just pretty and guiltily fun to watch. Funny in its attempt to hit every cliched plot twist in the book.

The juniors meanwhile start their date at a hoighty toighty chi chi restaurant (which Dan really can't pay for) and after Serena picks up the cheque, they go off to a REAL date where we get to watch Penn and Blake play pretty together and isn't that the best reason to ogle this show?

Here are the rest of the makeovers from Beauty and the Geek, from best change to least:

Jesse, who looks HOT with that platinum blonde hair. He didn't have much more to go so I'm amazed at the transformation they still did with him.

Like I noted before, Nicole didn't have much farther to go either, essentially taking off her glasses and giving her hair some volume and slapping on some makeup but she was pretty underneath those glasses to begin with so not much of a surprise (but still nice to see).

Luke, another guy that was cute to start but now with a good haircut, looks like a Hero. That reminds me, I should book my next appointment with my hair guy...

Joshua still looks like a geek but now he looks like a chic geek!

Anything would have helped Dave and while it could have gone further, still a vast improvement. Now if he would only shut up about LARPING.

Like Jen said, Will kinda looks the same actually. Oh well, still adorable.
Thanks to Rickey for the screencaps of Beauty and the Geek

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