Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Everything New Is Old Again

Let The Truth Sting

Okay. I'm saying it. Finally. An episode that felt like the good old days (aka: Season 2). An all around terrific Grey's Anatomy that was funny and FUN TO WATCH AGAIN. Man we've waited long enough for this.

Finally POSITIVE THINGS I can say about the show:

Cristina hilariously fakes sadness to sucker Meredith into giving her the cool surgery Cristina wants. I'm good with Katherine winning this year but Sandra Oh needs to win the Emmy next year (or at least duke it out with Chandra).

Plus Cristina calls out Meredith for sleeping with McDreamy again.

Meredith is finally sort of nice to Lexie.

The old guy wakes up and is funny. Funny with a good raport with Izzie as he's mean to her.

George is still looking bewildered trying to deal with Gizzie and tell Callie but for once, it was not annoying. (Again, as much as I've hated Gizzie, I'm also be down with T.R. Knight winning next year since he's totally winning as mopey George).

Bailey charges on like her normal self and decides to work WITH Callie (who while depressingly annoying, or is that annoyingly depressed?) in a nice moment that will put two strong women back in command as a TEAM!

Alex helps out in the clinic on a boy whose mother thinks is taking drugs. The boy is played by Martin Spanjers, the cute kid from 8 Simple Rules who I thought was one of the better parts of that show and one of my favorites kids that I think have potential and one of the ones to watch for.

A new intern Norman is assigned to Alex. Norman is old. Grandpa old. Grandpa Gilmore old. Grandpa Richard Gilmore old and played by guest star Richard Herrmann! Where's Kelly Bishop? Why isn't she on a new show yet?

Oh yeah. And Old Asshole Alex is back when he spills the beans on George's status as a second-time intern. Love it. Love to hate Alex. I'm glad things are falling back into place at Seattle Grace.

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