Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gossip Girl - Just Like Shakespeare

The Handmaiden's Tale - Ep 106

God. I love this show. I don't think I roll my eyes more in an hour except at my second workplace. It's party time (again) and the kids are going to a masquerade, with full on masks and a lobotomy for everyone so that no one can recognize the love of their lives behind a tiny little piece of paper covering their faces. It's like Shakespeare all over again. And to think people didn't think this show had any class or credibility?

Ah, but there's an exception and Jenny is smart enough to deduce a few things. But first things first, which soap opera cliches did we hit on this week?

Still no sign of any of these kids actually going to school yet.

No babies, murders, evil twins or coming outs yet but the show just got started. It wouldn't be shocking if Dan came out now. It would around season 3 or 4. So what other hilarity's ensued this week on Gossip Girl?:

Just as things start looking right for Serena and Dan... the ex-girlfriend Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) pops up into the cast. How conveeeeeeeeeenient.

Jenny leaves the Humprheys place (which, if I was correct, isn't it off the island?) and shows up in front of Serena at Blair's Manhattan digs 5 minutes later, just as Dan claims towards Serena that he's talking to his sister in their apartment. Apparently, Jenny has superpowers that no cabbie or MTA user has. Dan's now caught in a lie, but I think hiding Vanessa is less important than hiding the fact that they are Heroes.

Dan hasn't been invited to the ball, and Serena doesn't want to go, but alas, they balls up to ask each other to the... ball, until Vanessa cuts in between them and somehow it doesn't happen. Serena ends up on a date with a hottie from online (do those EVER work out? please. I actually want to know) who despises Newport (don't we all? ha!) while Dan ends up carrying his suit towards Vanessa even though he REALLY hearts Serena.

See, but Vanessa is cool. We know this because she's street, pretty and... street. At least for Gossip Girl world (meaning, she's not white). I'm not buying it. Whore is breaking up my Dan and Serena and girls gotta go.

Jenny does favours for Blair, but alas, is not invited to the ball. Poor Jenny. Ah, but it's a masked ball, so no one will recognize her. So she goes anyways and is seduced by Chuck. You know, of he who tried to rape Jenny in the first episode. Oh Chuck... haha... revenge's a bitch isn't it? And doesn't she look pretty in that yellow dress? Jenny, who not only can cross New York in mere minutes, also sees that the creep beneath the mask is Chuck, and takes him for a naked ride back to the rooftop. Serves you right Chuck for not looking beneath the surface. You would have recognized your former victim. If you can tell them apart anymore...

Rufus and Lily show up to the party together despite the wife, and he kisses her and something something but it's old people so I stopped paying attention. Though I do love a killer scene with Margaret Colin as Eleanor who really needs to join the cast.

Nate is still hung up on Serena but since everyone's in masks, cannot find her (or Blair, who is purposely hiding from him in a game of hide and seek-the-wrong-girl).

Nate mistakens Jenny for Serena, tells her all his secrets, Jenny runs away, Dan thinks Jenny is Serena, chases after her (ew), but finally hits upon the REAL Serena (after Vanessa already gets the clue).

There's some other storylines, something about Nate's dad getting the contract from Chuck's dad, blah blah blah. Anyways, here's the remaining pretty pictures:

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