Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bones - Romance of the Year

Death in the Saddle - Ep 303
The Secret in the Soil - Ep 304

You wouldn't think it but I think Bones is probably has the romance of the year. Not between Bones and Booth (but that's another issue) but between Hodgins and Angela. The episode 2 weeks ago, Death in the Saddle, where a man is found dead, butchered like a horse and discovered to have a horse fetish, was somehow incredibly romantic. Who woulda thunk?

Angela is still in search of her mysterious husband, the man she married in a drunken stupor one night while on vacation. Hodgins stands by Angela, so in love that he ignores her past mistake, a mistake that makes Angela Angela. Somehow the whole episode evolves into a discourse on love in every aspect and it's quite beautiful. You know, all while trying to catch the killer of a horse-fetished man killed at a horse-fetish party, with leather chaps and whips and all.

In last nights episode, The Secret in the Soil, Bones goes environmental, when they search for the killer of a dead organic farmer. We get the great debate between the environmentally concerned Bones (along with Angela and Hodgins) and those who just don't "get it" (Booth and Zack (who just doesn't really get it, not against it)).

It was hilarious that Bones uses a scientific study statistic about decreased male hormones in pesticide waters in alligators to convince Booth that paying $4 for an apple might actually be worth it!

Booth and Bones are also forced to see a psychologist, a young'un (John Francis Daly! From Freaks and Geeks!) as there are secrets rumours that the FBI is looking to separate the duo for conflicts of interest (after Booth arrested Bones' father).

Both the Saddle case and the Organic Farmer case end up going around right back to my initial guess suspect and they might be relying too much on that recently, but the show works so well because of the non-case stories between all the characters.

Plus, Angela and Hodgins are seriously in heavy competition for romance of the year. Yes, even above Jim and Pam, Ned and Chuck, and Tami and Eric Taylor. Now let's find someone for Zack (but no, not Saroyan).

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