Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chuck Versus Reaper - Halloween Edition

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Sandworm - Ep. 106
Reaper - What About Blob - Ep. 105, Leon - Ep. 106

At this point, there seems to be two camps growing. Those who think Reaper is growing into a great show while Chuck is idiotic, or those that think Chuck is turning out to be fun popcorn romp while Reaper is becoming as lazy as its slacker protagonist. To those who think neither is good, why are you even reading this anyways? So I'm not counting you in this. It doesn't work into my scenario so I'm throwing you into my denial pile. Thanks! Read my Pushing Daisies post when it gets posted in the morning! Come again!

Personally, I've been falling into the Chuck is great camp, while Reaper has sadly not come even close to my expectations. Both have endearing male, slightly geeky (in television terms at least) leads but Zachary Levi has charmed his way through outrageous (but fun) plot points, while Bret Harrison hasn't been as zingy as he was on The Loop, being more of a downer than the go getter that I fell in love with on his previous show. While I get excited and laugh while watching Chuck, I forget I've watched Reaper WHILE I'm watching it. I didn't even finish last weeks episode until I forced myself to finish it tonight.

Still, this is not to say each doesn't have points that oppose my views. Add me as another blogger who can do with much less Morgan on Chuck. He's annoying, he's not funny and the actor feels like a poor man's Seth Green. On the other hand, just as I almost skipped last weeks episode, Reaper comes out with a pretty decent one tonight when Sam and gang easily catches a soul, Leon (Patton Oswalt, bringing his Remy voice charm from the best movie of the year so far, Ratatouille (for once I agree with a self aggrandizing ads)). Well, mostly, I still fell asleep in the second half but I think that was due more to staying out late Monday night then it was the episode for once (but just this once). Still, Missy Peregrym's Andi is really bugging me. She gives no spice to the role and has a buddy/brother vibe with Sam. There's something that just doesn't work for me. Yes, I'm still not over Nikki Reed okay?

Anyways, it's Halloween and Morgan and Chuck usually dress up as a sandworm. Captain Awesome is dressed only in a fig because... well... he's AWESOME! Again, why isn't Ryan McPartlin not a main cast member? Yet Joshua Gomez is? How wrong is this?

Chuck is up against Harry Tang for the assistant manager position but he happens upon Lazslo (above), a former genius inventor, like a Q for the American government. Lazslo's escaped the government's grip and Sarah and Casey are both chasing him as Chuck is convinced once again to believe the wrong people (I know I'm gullible too but you're in the spy world Chuck. Time to be a LITTLE doubtful. This might be a negative point to add onto the Chuck list). Chuck finds out about all the bugs Casey and Sarah have planted and yet again, disobeys with everything they tell him to do, landing him in more trouble all while missing the interview at Buy More for the higher position with medical benefits. MEDICAL!

Anyways, I have no idea who is playing Lazslo (stupid CityTV ran promos over the opening guest star credits. ARGH. I hate that) but I like him a LOT and he seems really interesting and complex so I hope he comes back. Seems like they left it open enough that he will. Morgan does good by attempting to get Chuck the position in yet another attempt at trying to convince us that Morgan is sweet and worth saving, and yet again, I'll let it go again because I'm too nice, but I'm starting to be doubtful about it all (oh, maybe I'm NOT so gullible).

And yet again, Sarah, in a small heartfelt gesture, wins both our hearts and Chuck's, helping us assume she's one of the good guys. Maybe we are gullible.

On Reaper, the best part of the show, Ray Wise as the devil, convinces Sam that Andi's boy is sleeping with slutty twins (actually his sisters), and warns Sam that letting Andi in on their little secret arrangement will cause her trouble (although because Andi ends up breaking up with the boy, she and Sam are not getting along). The Devil also denies a meeting with Sam's dad, who seems to be up to something suspicious himself as he tears a page out of Sam's Soul Contract and burns it out of existence. I'm intrigued although not much seemed to be brought up this week on Leon.

I would tell you what happened at the end of Leon but again, I passed out on the couch and only remember something about Leon escaping after having talked to Sock through the snowglobe, and convinces him that he's been reformed, only he sort of hasn't. Or something. Oh well, one of these days I'll make it through a Reaper with full consciousness.


Anonymous said...

I seriously don't understand the people in the Reaper over Chuck camp. Is there some sort of secret, awesome version of Reaper where the Devil is the star? And I'm seeing what was left on the cutting room floor?

Vance said...

Yeah, I mean, I think I'm kind of a optimistic positive person and I see how there are good parts to Reaper (anytime Ray Wise is on screen, some of the clever wordplay prop/puns) but there's too much boring filler in between. Plus, Bret really needs to shave. That scruff is really bothering me.

Anonymous said...

I think the one thing that kills Reaper for me is Andi. She's just a horrible love interest. I could stand to see Sam a little less emo sometimes, but, then again, a happy-go-lucky devil's play toy just wouldn't be right- nor would it be entertaining. On a side note, PLEASE tell me you saw the last few minutes of the episode ("Leon"), where Sam talks with the Devil again and says he's started to figure out when he's lying. It was a really well done scene (as to be expected- it was a Devil scene and Ray Wise never disappoints).

Vance said...

yeah. it was in Leon where i thought. okay. there still might be something left to salvage. Basically anytime theres the devil (ray Wise), it's a good scene.

I'm also angry with their recasting of Andi since I thought the original was so much better with Nikki Reed in the roll. in fact. it was MORE Emo but it worked.