Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pies, Lies, Tux and Ties, Geeks, Freaks and Ivy League Chic

Pushing Daisies - Pie-lette
Gossip Girl -
Poison Ivy
Beauty and the Geek - Double Dare
Dancing With The Stars - Results Week 2
Reaper - Charged
Bones - Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van
House - The Right Stuff

Okay Canada, so did you not fall in love with Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace's Ned? And Anna Friel's Chuck? Because if you didn't, we need to talk. I may have to restrict your universal health care access since you obviously have no heart so no point in wasting our tax dollars.

America, you're next (on Wednesday night). Though I have no universal health care system to block you from if you start hattin' on my beloved Pushing Daisies. I'll discuss more when America gets to watch it.

It's Tuesday and geeks are abound and cute as ever in Bones and Beauty and the Geek and amusing at times in Reaper where Bret Harrison's chasing the freaks. Ivy League chic rules on Gossip Girl, but being a pretty boy isn't enough on the Dancing (with the Stars) floor. Did I mention how funny Bones is? House too! (Recaps and comments after the jump)

I will never claim that Gossip Girl will ever be art or subtle but there's a nice rapport between Blake Lively's Serena and her brother Eric (Connor Paolo), something that actually seems honest and grounded, between all the catfights and gossip. Chuck happens to see Serena walk into the Ostroff Centre (natch) and tells Blair right away, assuming Serena is an alcoholic.

It's Ivy League suck up time, as the university's are sending their reps, and it's time to put those donations, er, grades to work. Dan applies and is denied the Dartmouth representative chaperone position, which is given to failing Nate, arranged all from daddy more-bucks "Captain" Archibald (Sam Robards, above with Chace Crawford's Nate Archibald), despite Nate wanting to go west. Blair, bitchy as usual, uses her newfound information to announce to all the Ivy Leaguers of Serena's alcolhol problem. Only for Eric to confess to Blair what the truth was, leaving Serena (and me) shocked. Will she use this new information for good or evil, asks Gossip Girl? Guess we will have to see...Is that Blair seemingly apologetic? Or just her face stuck in the same position?

The Beauty and the Geeks play truth of dare, and Rebecca (Beauty) and Sam (Male Beauty) make out. A lot. Not faciliated by a dare. The beauty's must learn the parts of the human anatomy, while the geeks need to shop and create a perfect picnic basket. Both Rebecca and Will win both competitions leaving them the sole team to nominate. Sadly, they pick two of my favorite teams, Jesse and Natalie (above, both are just too cute), and Hollie (Betty Boop girl) and Josh (below, who along with Luke, is one decent haircut and contacts away from being a hottie, think Rachel Leigh Cook in She's All That or Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries). The first 7 questions are answered correctly and it comes down to Josh, who sadly, is incorrect on the most useless of questions (who would remember what anniversary you give leather on?). So long Betty Boop.

We also say so long to Albert Reed from Dancing with the Stars, male model and all round goofball (kinda geeky but it's endearing). WHY??? America has this whole love/hate thing with pretty boys don't they? They voted them off Big Brother, and now they voted off the Ambercrombie and Fitch model. Over Wayne Newton. Seriously?

Reaper, falling into the baddie of the week like I feared, must this week chase after a demon that stole power, and gets a radio controlled toy truck to somehow reap the evil power suit after the box carrying the reaping vessel keeps following Sam (which, actually, was stupid funny, I love me a good pratfall). Tyler Labine's Socks was annoying funny as his usual idiotic self (essentially a continuation of his sidekick-to-future-Oscar-nominee-Ryan-Gosling role on Breaker High) and Sam's dad (the captain from Breaker High! I can never mention that show enough times!) buys off Sam with a new Prius (electric... hmm... the same week he's chasing someone that stole electricity...) while Sam frets about not telling his mom that he's still the Reaper.

Ray Wise still rocks as The Devil, but the episode already seemed a little slower than the pilot, which I didn't completely fall in love with like everyone else seemed to. Between Chuck and Reaper, I find Chuck has seemed to find a better rhythm and is funnier with a faster beat but Reaper still has its moments, but they really need to write better solutions to the actual reaping.

So far Reaper is 2 for 2 in almost getting the baddie, thinking its safe, its not, then the vessel ends up sucking the baddie for real. Okay for now but could get tiresome fast and Bret Harrison had better hair on The Loop so I'll have to see about this...

Over on Fox, how funny was Bones and House? A soccer mom gets blown up on Bones and a sexy new bomb expert takes Hodgins eyes off Angela, but in what would be a sad play at enhancing some soap opera drama, becomes a cute game of trust between the oh-so-cute Angela and Hodgins. Zach is still adorably geeky ("those are mine" telling the bomb squad girl to stay away from his bugs!) and Booth and Bones continue their zippy raport as we find out the soccer mom was a former radical protestor wanted for the murder of a security guard in a heist-gone-wrong.

House continues his interviews to replace his 3 ducklings, with 40 numbered candidates to start, having all of them run through the hoops like a giant reality show audition. In the competition includes Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) and Olivia Wilde (The OC) but all House sees are Foreman, Chase and Cameron... dream? hallucination or are they really back?

I think House works strongest when it goes AGAINST its usual disease-of-the-week procedural or when they put a big giant twist to it, like this episode as we see tons of ducklings-wannabe's attempting to figure out what House wants while solving the case of a fighter pilot (which really, was probably the least important part of this episode).

All around, a good night, though I'm not sure I can keep up every Tuesday... whew... that felt a bit like a marathon there...


RJ said...

I already love Lee Pace so......the show can only build it

Anonymous said...

You Canadians, with your Gossip Girl and your Pushing Daisies one night early...madness.

Vance said...

Yey Us! But its to compensate for the fact that all the cable shows are always late (Top Chef, Project Runway, Weeds, Damages, etc. etc).

Plus 30 Rock is always delayed cause our network CTV hogs all the shows, more shows than they have time slots. (hence why Gossip Girl and ER are on at 7pm)