Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Je T'aime

Okay, I'm here watching Dirty Sexy Money and while it's been sort of amusing, I think I've had more fun playing around with facebook and finding out that Jamie Hodgins, the Triple Sensation finalist somehow found my original quote ("I loved Jamie Hodgins who is cute as a button") and posted it on facebook. Hilarious... shoot... I knew I should have said more. I was actually holding back for the next episode. Or maybe it's good I didn't say more.

However I just saw something during the commerical breaks that made me go WHAT THE HELL? There, in the Yoplait commercial was Margot Martindale and not even in the main part. WHAT THE HELL? What is she doing in a Yoplait commercial in the same year she deserves to get a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her work in Paris Je T'aime?

Her performance in the segment 14ème arrondissement directed by Alexander Payne is simply magnificent, funny and heartbreaking. All in 6 minutes. I found the clip on youtube and I've posted it after the jump but you really must watch the whole film. It's really wonderful:

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