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Project Runway Canada - What a Bratz

Passion for Fasion - Ep 103

This weeks challenge on Project Runway Canada was to create an outfit for the Bratz doll line. One full size for the real models to wear and a mini version for the actual doll. What's a Bratz doll do you say? Since you and I are not 14 year old girls, my only knowledge of it is the movie that came out earlier this year (yeah, there was a MOVIE!?!) and those scary looking big eyed, big headed dolls that scare me whenever I pass through FAO Schwartz (that tells you how many times I pass through the toy store, since I don't even live in NY). It's like Barbie as seen through an acid trip.

The twist this time was that the designers only had until 5pm to make the outfits and were told only after they started working on it that day. Then they would have to outfit their newly chosen models and take a picture of it that explains the story behind their choices. For once, it was funny watching the designers run about the Toronto's west side (out near Dufferin and King! Hey, I know that area!) trying to find a perfect background for their models to evoke the glamourous stories behind their dolls, all in the most industrial looking of places (that area is where all the artsy stuff has moved into, but they are basically old factories and warehouses).

Sofia, being a mom, states she'll be safe in this competition. WRONG. Why do people keep saying that? It's like the reality TV show CURSE. Say you know you'll be safe and it's a GUARANTEE you'll be voted off. Don't people know this by now? It's not like this Richard Hatch or something. We are now 7 years into the popularity of reality tv. In this case, Sofia's hideous Rock & Roll Bratz outfit (above) was unfit for Iman, who herself knows a little or two about being Rock & Roll.

Meanwhile, Stephen, who can barely walk "straight" and who has never stepped out of a designer store, does a nature "camping" theme for some reason, claiming he loves nature, even though he's never been camping. He's been camp. Not camping. Well, his outfit showed his lies and the judges placed him on a very short thread, almost being voted out, but I think two asian men in a row being kicked off might have looked a bit suspicious.

One of my favorites, Shernett (I love the two black women on the show (and Kendra won last week already), probably because they are black, strong, but understated, intelligent and reasonable and come up with very thoughtful designs), ends up winning for a wacky looking dress (above) that looks like perfect fun for a doll. Lucian's dress looks great on the doll (a little less so on the real model), and Carlie makes a nice colourful dress (in part from a good choice of material) that would be perfect for a doll. Megan, oh crying flaky Megan actually pulls through with a finished dress and the judges love it. Damn. That means she safe for another week. Shoot. Still, her dress was pretty nice, if not completely stolen from Chinese traditional fashion which can be so pliable to modern looks that are in right now. But whatev... Sofia's really was the worst.
Oh yeah, and there was some bitching back in the apartment when Biddell calls out everyone's niceties in the studio and starts a discussion with the others in his apartment criticizing some of the dresses (particularly Lucian's which sometimes goes too far). So yes, the real bitching has begun!

Carlie's Design:

Lucian's Design - Bratz at the Oscars:

Megan's Design - Bratz in Shanghai
You can see the rest of the dresses here.

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