Friday, October 26, 2007

Project Runway Withdrawal? Watch the Canadian Version, eh!

Can't wait for the 2.5 more weeks until Project Runway starts on Bravo? Get your fix with Project Runway Canada which started 3 weeks ago here.

I'm off to Montreal, the land of fashion in Canada, tonight for a wedding this weekend, so in the meantime, enjoy catching up with our Canadian designers fighting it out in Toronto (the land of everything else in Canada) with Iman leading the way!

I noticed MsRoyalT (!) posted the episodes on Youtube so here's the 8 parts that make up the first episode of Project Runway Canada (Ep. 101):

Episode 2 after the jump:

Here's Ep. 102:

Here are my recaps so far for Project Runway Canada:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episodes 4 and 5
Episode 6
Episode 7 (Includes Project Runway Ep. 401 recap)
Episode 8 (Includes Project Runway Ep. 402 recap)
Episode 9
Episode 10 and 11 (The Finale)

Watch Project Runway Canada online:
Episodes 1 and 2
Episodes 3 and 4
Episode 5
Episodes 6 and 7
Episodes 8 and 9
Episodes 10 and 11 (Season Finale)

Thanks to MsRoyalT again for the uploads!


Anonymous said...

I know the guy who is the 'coach' - Brian Bailey. Freaked me out when I saw him because I had no idea he was on the show - or any show for that matter.....


Anonymous said...

You can watch Project Runway for free online at

Anonymous said...

or at - the network that makes the show

Anonymous said...

only if you're Canadian, boo.

wklavine said...

HELP!!!They have pulled MsRoyalT and I haven't seen episodes 8 - the finale. I live in the US - any ideas where to see the rest of the season ( which has been better than this year's American PR, imho)...I am having Iman withdrawals....

Vance said...

Aya, Though I'm surprised they lasted that long on youtube. I found this but its only the final runway show portion from episode 11. I had another friend in the states that um... ahem... found it through bittorrent so apparently it is out there, not that I'm supporting it but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do to get that Iman fix so I won't judge!

Vance said...

I noticed "theviolet" posted the whole finale episode on youtube (for now). (thats part 1/10)

Anonymous said...

you can watch the entire project runway canada on the slice channel website.

go to the videos section (top right) and then "Full Episodes"

click enlarge video to have better than youtube quality

Vance said...

Only Canadians can watch from the US viewers have to find "other" ways at this point.

Anonymous said...

you can see them all by download at Free too.