Monday, October 22, 2007

The Race Is On, Will Jason Run Back To Kevin?

On your marks, ready, set, GO and mark your calendars for Nov. 4th because...The Amazing Race 12 is back on the scheduling block starting November 4th at 8pm on CBS (and probably CTV).

The non-elimination pit stops have been dropped apparently and will thus mean the season will be 2 episodes shorter.

It was moved up from the Winter 2008 midseason to replace the cancelled Viva Laughlin. Yes, after 2 episodes only. Remember, this is trigger happy CBS who cancelled the good Love Monkey after 3 episodes so I'm surprised they lasted this long with critically panned Viva Laughlin. I haven't even had time to watch it yet. Oh well. There goes that. Eric Winter can now return to Brothers & Sisters as Jason and join Luke MacFarlane and Matthew Rhys' Scotty and Kevin... I won't say anything further...I don't want to shock some of you... (below is not what I meant... I was daydreaming something further... hehe)

Thanks to TheTVAddict for the tip!

Apparently my friend hit on a possible spoiler from The Season 12 Amazing Race back in August.

Here's some more spoilers I found and there's a really good one!: Highlight below to read on if you want to know more:

"Try this for a speculative route:

1 Ireland
2 West Africa (Ghana or Ivory Coast)
3 Burkina Faso
4 Prague (doing a cross with Amazing Race Asia 2 there at the same time to confuse everyone!!!) There was big debate whether the Prague or Dubrovnik story (from my friend, link above) was really TARA (The Amazing Race Asia) but the crossover would really be really cool!
5 Dubrovnik
6 ?
7 ?
8 China
9 near Girdwood, Alaska
" - Thanks to apskip from the TWoP forums.

Here's another post with some good info including pictures and photos of the contestants: "We now have five confirmed locations: Ireland, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, Burkina Faso, and Girdwood, Alaska. A summary of known location/contestant/task spoilers can be found HERE at RFF (summary thanks to puddin).There is also photographic evidence of 5 teams now, with a 6th highly probable (and includes TAR's first Goth team). Team information can be found HERE with photos here and here. Further info on Dubrovnik tasks is also available. " - Thanks to auntieB from the TWoP forums.

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Anonymous said...

Scotty will be gone by the time Jason makes his triumphant return. He's only in 7 and i'm already ticking them off as we go. Only 5 more!