Monday, October 15, 2007

Guess Who I Saw In That Movie?

I rarely watch movies on video or on television (because I already have way too much good (and so bad it's good) television to watch, plus, I'm a big proponent for watching movies on the original big screen), but I happened to see Music and Lyrics this past weekend and if you're a fan of Friday Night Lights, you should probably watch it if only for the beginning. It's a cute movie, nothing great. Not the great romcom that is badly needed right now (has there been a good one this decade? no. I'm really asking? Has there? What should I be watching?) but it was amusing enough to not feel like a complete waste of time (B- overall). Kristen Johnston is hilarious as Drew Barrymore's sister who is crazy for Hugh Grant as a former pop idol, but Friday Night Light fans really should watch it for the opening video of Grant's 80's hit because Scott Porter (Jason Street just in case you don't know) plays the other lead singer (that goes onto bigger and better success).

I keep forgetting to mention this but I LOVE the fact that Scott Porter used to be a professional beatboxer and was in the original cast for Altar Boyz on Off-Broadway (and on the cast album). Jason Street can SING!

Anyways, if you don't want to watch the whole movie and just see the video, it's after the jump. You'll never look at Jason Street the same way again!

On another note, I also watched Goal! last week while I was in Santiago, Chile. About a guy named Santiago (coincidence?), an illegal immigrant living in LA that gets a chance to play football (soccer to us) in England. I've always wanted to watch it because, well, I love Alessandro Nivola and I knew he was in it (as a Beckham like spoiled soccer star, which he deliciously chews up and spits out with hilarious delight!) but what I didn't realise is that the lovely nurse (who you know will fall in love with Santiago as soon as she hits the screen) was played by our lovely Chuck, Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies.

Add Tony Plano (Ignacio on Ugly Betty) as the dad and it kinda made the spot the future ABC ensemble stars game out of Goal! (which has a sequel already and a third coming out in 2008).


Anonymous said...

I just found this out the other day after that weepy scene between jason and tami prompted me to google him uncontrollably.

Vance said...

Seriously, HUGE respect for the actor Scott Porter!

That hair in the Pop video is just SUPERB. I think I snort laughed, that's how much I laughed.