Thursday, October 04, 2007

30 Rock and Friday Night Lights Seasons 2 Ready to Begin!

30 Rock starts again TONIGHT!!! (NBC at 8:30pm)

And, since most of you have lives, set your VCR/PVR/DVR/Tivo/DVD Recorders for Friday night to tape Friday Night Lights (on Global in Canada at 8pm, on NBC in the US at 9pm) which starts season 2! UPDATE: Global now moved it to 9pm. ARGH. Stop moving things around people. ARGH).

Simply, two of the best shows on TV. If Pushing Daisies is the best new show on TV, then 30 Rock is becoming one of the best comedies and Friday Night Lights is the BEST SHOW ON TV. PERIOD.

Like I said. Check out the Season 1 DVD's. I'll even come over and watch it with you if you insist.

Oh yeah, and Seinfeld guest stars on 30 Rock tonight. Seinfeld and Kenneth the page in the same elevator. Let the rumble begin.

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