Friday, October 12, 2007

The Office - Pizza for L unch

Launch Party

It's the big launch party for Ryan's new website Dunder Mifflin Infinity and there's a big party in New York that will beam through Internet cameras into all the satellite offices. Dwight needs to fight the online sales system, while Angela is still hurt over the dead cat and thus, is over Dwight. Andy sets his eyes on Angela, while Phyllis has some new strategies for dealing with Angela's negativity. Kelly is still pissed at Ryan, while Pam and Jim continue to play cute, and play a trick on Dwight by pretending to be the computer who makes contact with Dwight by IM.

Phyllis is adorable as she uses the conflict mediation rules 101 to deal with Angela, constantly throwing back sensible retorts to Angela's snippy.

Michael heads towards New York with Jim, only to realise his invite was for the webparty only. He returns and scraps Angela's original party plans and requests a big blow out with pizza's and all. When the pizza delivery boy refuses to take the coupon (valid only for 2 pizza's instead of the 8 Michael orders), Michael takes the pizza boy hostage with Dwight helping in the interrogation. The pizza boy even calls out for help from the webcam that's being beamed to the New York launch party.

Andy ends up serenading Angela with a DUET (with a friend on the speakerphone), who sneaks a secret smile as she rejects Dwight for good. Plus he gets her the ice thingy that Michael originally requests.

Pam and Jim sneak away to the roof with a pizza on their own, and keep my hopes up that love can be a wonderful (if sometimes elusive) thing! I guess Andy's serenade could have done that too... (though didn't quite work that way, I think I choked from laughing)

Ryan also does a little wink on the webcam at the end. What's up with that? Hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

It's a trio! He had someone on two different phones. Loved that...