Monday, October 29, 2007

Entourage Cannes Do

I finally caught up with Entourage this weekend (I don't get HBO or the Canadian equivalent so I have to find other methods (ahem) so I usually fall behind, and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) so this may be completely random and out of the blue but it's my blog so I can talk about anything I want.

First of all, I had heard the 4th season was off to a slow start, which it was, but it got back into it's groove soon enough. Love that Lloyd's boyfriend is hot! Loved that Ari was the one that secretly got them back together. Love that Ari got his comeuppance with the private school but that he STILL got his son into the school. Love that Ari had to beg and make an underhanded deal with the school master who was so clean, that the PI's Ari hired to dig up dirt, couldn't find ANYTHING. Love that Mrs. Ari is finally getting some sort of character development other than whining at Ari.

Loved that after all that "Medellin" talk, after the annoying Walsh continued to take over Season 4, that "Medellin" tanked at Cannes. As much as the series needed a nemesis and someone to put a thorn in both Ari and E, Walsh was just too much and seriously annoying anytime he was on screen. There's creating a bad character and then there's creating a BAD character. I'm not sure I blame the writers since the self-involved egotistical maniac director is something funny to be explored but I cringed everytime Walsh was on the screen.

At least Eric found another world in Hollywood, if at least only briefly, when Anna Faris hired Eric to be her manager. Totally great storyline and I only wish it lasted even longer actually. I felt they just got started with that. Granted, the underated Kevin Connolly always makes E a joy to watch.

And Turtle in the Bunny Suit? Friggin cute! Drama falling in love with Jacqueline in Cannes? Terrific! Both Turtle and Drama have totally grown on me. I mean, they were always hilarious CHARACTERS but now they seem like great characters in the show.

I'm still loving Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon, actually I like her more now than when she started on the show. And I only wish Carla Gugino stayed on as Amanda a bit longer. She was a nice nemesis for Ari.

It still hasn't returned to the height of Season 2 quality but Entourage is still fun to watch. I do kinda want to see Walsh fired from Silo and I'm sure Dana Gordon will have no problems with that after the disaster at Cannes.

Now if only they can make Vince more interesting. I mean, Vince the character has improved since the first season but you have to admit, we all still prefer the scenes with E, Drama, Turtle, Lloyd or Ari in them, but at least I don't want to kill the central character like I did on Dawson's.

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