Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ugly Betty - Get'cha Head In The Game

Betty's Wait Problem

There's been so much TV lately that I haven't really had time to do individual posts for any shows since the new season began, but this episode of Ugly Betty deserved its own, if only for using "Get'Cha Head In The Game" from ABC's parent company Disney's own High School Musical soundtrack over the scene where Daniel teaches Justin how to play basketball. Yes, Justin is learning to play basketball, and getting tips from Daniel, whose dogged ways reminds him of Santos. All under the beat of the basketballs beat from the song. If that's not pure genius I don't know what is.

How do you top that? You have a new man in Betty's life, Gio, the sandwich man, played by the adorable (especially with the new 'do) Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under), and who pisses Betty off right away. Which of course in TV world means, CHEMISTRY! Meanwhile, Henry, on a hangover from Betty yearning, must confront Charlie about the paternity of the baby, which takes him out of the picture again for a few months.

Betty retaliates and gets Gio fired at first, which overjoys Marc and Amanda, who finally accepts Betty as one of them. One of the Mode people.

Meanwhile, Daniel has been faking his injury, remaining in his wheelchair to get into his physio's pants, and making Betty run around all day searching for a swanking new wheelchair (man, it really IS swank, like a seated Segway!), essentially wasting her time as she uses excuse after excuse to avoid writing, furthering her intended writing career (hmm... why does this sound AWFULLY familiar? Crap. I really need to quit don't I? Or maybe stop blogging a bit? or GASP. Watch less television? To write more television? Ironic no?)

Anyways, Wilhelmina is still scheming to marry Bradford, pretending to be old friends with Alexis (and old square dancing partners! Thanks to Marc's photoshop skills!) and reminding her that she's angry at daddy Meade. Claire meanwhile needs to get close to Bradford and makes an appearance at the Black and White masquerade ball (more white than black as Yoga (Lorraine Toussaint) notes). Did I mention Amanda also gets naked on the red carpet in an attempt to live as Fay's daughter? Ignacio is also still held up in Mexico by the man he thought he killed and his son. Plus another clip of the telenovela that Hilda is watching.

How kooky can this show get? LOVE IT! Love Justin interacting with Mode people. Love that Marc is kinda scared of Wilhelmina even though he sort of wants to be her sometimes. Love that Wilhelmina constantly schemes, that Claire is losing her mind and her posh life, that Claire has Yoga as fellow escaped felons. Love that Henry is in such shambles and that his hair looks that way (and is ever so cute). Love that Amanda is trying to milk her Fay connection every which way she can. Love Daniel's new shorter cut this year. Love that Rebecca Romijn is playing a tranny. Again, who would have thought that 2 years ago? Alright, now that I have that out of my system for the week, I can move on again...!

Okay, just one more. Love that there are so many distinctly fabulous characters (and actors) from different worlds that are forced together which just makes Ugly Betty work so well. Okay. Done. For this week.

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