Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pushing Daisies - Third Times A Prince Charming

The Fun in Funeral

Okay, it's the first non-Barry Sonnenfeld directed episode but at this point, it really doesn't matter because Pushing Daisies produces yet another amazing episode chocked full of pie-deliciousness I'm not even going to try to detail all the wonderful details. Details like a Chinaman named Wilfred Woodruff with a southern accent or Raúl Esparza (the man who should have won the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical this year for his career defining turn as Bobby in Company) as Alfredo Aldarisio, a travelling salesmen selling homeopathic remedies (which Olive thinks is gay, but Alfredo notes, gays are happy and homeopathic remedies are to make you happy!) and the fact that Ned will save the day based on his childhood pursuit of being a Jedi. Holy crap how can you not love this show? Not when you have Chuck calling Emerson Pooh as he gets stuck in a window which will cause him to start his new weightloss regiment?

Emerson has a new case on his hand and wants only Ned to come along. Of course Chuck ends up coming anyways, much to Emerson's displeasure and warns Ned that future-Emerson will be saying I told you so, but current-Emerson will just sit back and let it go. Ned should have listened.

The case is of the dead funeral director, back at the Schatz (!ha!) Funeral home in Couers d'Couers, the one that died because Ned kept Anna alive. This releases a whole can of troubles as Anna finds out why Ned only ever keeps his reborn deads alive for only a minute, and the consequences it faces, and that Anna's new life, wasn't really hers to begin with. Add in a twin brother seeking out his brothers murderer, missing stolen precious items, Ned being accused of the crime, the Southern accented Chinaman, a sword fight, Emerson stuck in a window like Pooh gets stuck in a hole, and this third outing from Pushing Daisies is definitely another charmer. Did I mention Ned secures himself the Prince Charming spot once again? So cute!

I'm guessing much like last year's Friday Night Lights, I'm going to be running out of adjectives for "amazing" and "great" to describe this show and will start repeating the general same praise endlessly. Even if the rest of the episodes are complete crap, I sure have had fun with the first three, much like the fun to be had in the Schatz Funeral home.

Chuck's aunts also make a re-appearance into the world (almost), as Olive goes to visit them, all while jealous of Chuck and Ned's blossoming relationship. But is that a sparkle in her eye when Alfredo starts looking like delicious goodness (easy when it's played by Raúl Esparza (appearing in the upcoming play The Homecoming on Broadway but will be returning to The Pie Hole in his re-occuring role)), or is that just a piece of pie crust? (Here's hoping for a duet between these two Broadway stars! Holy crap that would be amazing).

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