Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday Night Lights - After Math

Bad Ideas

After the horrific incident with Tyra and Landry, in the intense bond they now shared, Landry professes his love to Tyra.

More shockingly though, Julie unprofesses her love to Saracen. WHAT???

Girl. WHAT???

Okay. Listen girl. I've lived a few more years and so I know when you find someone like Matt, you DON'T WALK AWAY.

Julie's still freaked out that their relationship is getting stale and becoming her parents (um. Again, nothing wrong with being Eric and Tami Taylor, in fact, if only we can all aspire to be like them) so she continues her little flirty dance with the Swede while giving Saracen the "speech".

Meanwhile, the helper Saracen had been requesting actually shows up in the form of a latina live-in-maid who automatically starts cleaning up the act around the house, causing quite the change for change-proned grandma.

Tami's having trouble looking after the baby by herself (with Eric still at TMU) and is also dealing with the teacher taking over the guidance counselor role, who is in way over his head. Doesn't help that he basically criticizes Tami (and Eric's) parental skills. Okay, even I know, never criticize a mom's parental skills in front of them (you talk BEHIND their back's... see Desperate Housewives...).

Eric is in TMU helping to defend a star player at TMU caught taking bribes, but yet again, the show takes a moral high road without sounding preachy, showing characters on TV can do right, and still make it seem interesting and dramatic and REAL (ahem... 7th Heaven).

In more moments to fall in love with Tim Riggins, he again defies his brooding white trashiness while showing some real concern for Lyla dealing with drunk daddy Buddy Garrity, even though Tim is sort of bound to become a future Buddy. Buddy has been essentially cut off from his lifeline: football, when the new coach continues his new hardass reign, much to Jason Street's chagrin.

But still, I'm sad about Julie and Matt...

It's taken me all weekend to deal with it to write this...

and I need another moment please...


Anonymous said...

Julie is an idiot!! But she is 15 or 16 or something and teenagers are SO stupid. See "Tyra and Landry storyline" here. But somehow, Matt Saracen doesn't fall into the "stupid" mode as often and so, therefore, he is too good for her anyway.

Let's talk about Riggins, because regardless of his hotness factor, I really didn't like him from the get-go of Season 1. But boy he grows on you. And darnit if I didn't find myself googling some modeling photos of him.... SIGH...

I have just decided to accept the Tyra/Landry storyline because what choice do I have? This show is too good to be annoyed about it. And they are playing it out very well and realistically (sadly for them both).

Vance said...

Thats how I figure it. They did such a good job with season 1 that they've earned my trust to follow through this year for now. So far, they are playing it beautifully though a lot of extra credit goes to Jesse Plemons and Adrianna Palicki for their acting.

As for Julie, it is realistic that she would drop the nice guy (uh. sorry, but don't all you girls do that in high school?) but still. MATT!!!

anyways. yeah. and kudos to Taylor Kitsch for turning Tim Riggins' one note character into a fully formed likable dickwad (with a bigger heart than he lets out).