Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall TV Reviews - New Order

You probably didn't notice but I just changed the ratings in my sidebar Fall TV Preview to reflect the changing scores on the new shows, now that we've seen more than just the pilot.

It's been re-ordered again to my current ratings with the original pilot score still noted at the end.

Of course, just as I moved Reaper down the list, they actually have a pretty decent episode tonight, so again, things fluctuate and maybe it will move up again? Who knows, crazier things have happen.

Some things I was wrong and too nice, giving more shows the benefit of the doubt than I should have (Cavemen, Big Shots, Bionic Woman, Life), some shows I was right to ignore (Cane), and some have just suckered me right in (Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Aliens in America, Samantha Who?) and some shows are still laying in the balance (Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Journeyman (though falling from it's higher position from before) and some have become guilty pleasures (Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Carpoolers, Moonlight (I didn't say they were GOOD guilty pleasures and may only last a few more episodes but I'll wait and see.)


Anonymous said...

As the weeks go on I am getting more and more behind to the point where I'm just going to have to make some cuts.
I have yet to watch Pushing Daisies or Samantha Who? and Life.
I'm enjoying Cane, Dirty Sexy Money and Journeyman.
I'm on the fence about Bionic Woman, Reaper (good premise but not enough to keep my interest every week), Chuck (see Reaper).
I've already dropped Big Bang Theory, Cavemen and Carpoolers and am about to drop Moonlight, Big Shots, K-Ville and Private Practice.
Gossip Girl is in the so bad it's good category.
Bottom line: This is the worst Fall TV season in years with no "must see" shows on my schedule.

Vance said...

oh Avster, how can you say that without watching Pushing Daisies yet? I thought you were tvlover?

Anyways, I'll probably rant again later but I don't think it's the worst fall tv season in years (think pre-5 years ago, think Shasta mcNasty) but I think that since we've started filling up the schedules with really really really good shows, new shows are given less time to become great (and think. Seinfeld, The Office US, Entourage and Sex and the City took a season) so with higher expectations, a fuller schedule to begin with and more choices on cable, we're giving these shows less a chance.

That being said. HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE CHUCK??? But yes. I know there's the whole Chuck vs Reaper debate. I know all of the TiFaux folks love Reaper. I think they're on crack (love ya! but yah. crack. at least over Chuck).

But I'll repeat that again later. haha...

Liz said...

Aw, the Big Bang Theory? Really? I haven't seen anything past the pilot, but the pilot made my ears bleed.

Vance said...

I'm not saying its genius or anything (it's no 30 Rock) but I enjoy it like good comfort food. It's like my meatloaf of TV. And if this past weeks ep was any indication, it's actually getting funnier and funnier. I couldn't stop laughing this week.

I mean, its far better than all thoes NBC 830 slot fillers they used to stick on for a while, and while its not as good as the best of How i met your mother, its still pretty good.