Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Watch - It Takes A Village, People!

Friday Night Lights - Backfire - Ep. 204
Men In Trees - No Man is an Iceland - Ep. 203
Desperate Housewives - Art Isn't Easy - Ep. 405
Brothers & Sisters - Domestic Issues - Ep. 205

When did weekend TV become "can't miss" again? This is seriously putting a damper in my attempt at getting a life. And next week The Amazing Race returns too. Oy vey...

So the Friday Night Lights teary moment of the week: When Riggins begs Lyla to come to Mexico to talk Jason out of the experimental stem cell surgery. Taylor Kitsch has seriously far surpassed any expectations on emotional depth that I could have ever imagined. And it was nice seeing Scott Porter do some singing in Mexico!

Boring on paper, Hilarious to watch: The Walkers watching the Republican Debates on television on Brothers & Sisters. Who knew it would be so much fun?

New definition of the week: Fascism - Apparently, fashion from the gays, at least on Desperate Housewives.

Speaking of gays, they are back on both Men in Trees and Desperate Housewives. Orlando Jones and Mario Cantone return as George and Terri, when George returns to town to set up his next fat camp in Alaska, and to be with Terri, and ends up planning Patrick and Annie's wedding and proposing to Mai's sister to get her a green card. That's a lot to ask from one gay. On Desperate Housewives, Bob and Lee erect an ugly metal fountain on their front lawn which starts a little war on the street in the battle for the neighbourhood president between Katherine and Lynette. Oh yeah, and John (Jesse Metcalfe, above) returns. Just saying.

Dana Delaney certainly is kicking it on Wisteria Lane as Katherine who keeps making more enemies while trying to take full control of the neighbourhood. Susan betrays Lynette by backing Katherine in the neighbourhood president election but sexy hubby Dr. Mayfair (Nathan Fillion... what? where was I? Sorry, drifted in dreamworld again) warns Katherine of making too little friends. She let's Lynette off the hook for having a treehouse when Lynette loses the vote, but goes after the gays. Big mistake. Always watch the gays. We are the queen of the bitches. It's what gays do. Never mess with the gays. As Katherine learns when she gets blackmailed when Bob and Lee find out about the Mayfair's secret from Chicago, something about Dr. Mayfair causing a stir at the hospital and needing to leave Chicago abruptly for Wisteria Lane. Da Da Dum...

Plus, someone has been spying on Gaby and catches Carlos and Gaby kissing just as they are about to split until they sort out their respective relationships, but the pictures are given to Edie and not Victor so let the catfight begin! Sadly, John was just a catalyst for Carlos to realise the mistakes they were making when John shows up ready to seduce Gaby once again.

The body is discovered in Dillon, Texas, and Tyra is called into the police station but it's only to identify the body as the same person that tried to rape her. Buddy Garrity continues his plan to oust the new coach and bring Eric back with some complications in between, but alas, COACH TAYLOR IS BACK WITH THE PANTHERS!!! Let the winning games on Friday Night Lights begin! How excited are we??? Just as excited as the town of Dillon I'm sure!!!

After still gasping at the replay from last week where Tami slaps Julie, Julie is still being selfish and totally feeling abandoned by her parents as the baby becomes priority. But when Eric returns, the healing begins. Both Eric and Tami attempt to give Julie some driving lessons much to comedic effect. It's these moments that prove why this show is so great! Julie is let off from being grounded, and runs back to the Swede (Anton), and realises what a mistake he was. Uh, YEAH. RUN BACK TO SARACEN. RUN NOW.

Riggins and Jason Street make it to Mexico only to find out the doctor is away for a week. They hole up and wait it out, getting drunk and Karaoking along the way, but Street is determined to get the experimental surgery much to Riggins fear, and Riggins calls Lyla for help (again, the teary moment of the week).

Lyla, still preaching the word of Jesus, this time in a prison, puts her money where her mouth is, and tries to help a recently paroled man by convincing Buddy to hire him. It's a sweet story that I'm sure will somehow result in disaster but I'm going with it. We needed a nice little moment between Tyra and Landry freaking out about getting caught, and Eric being threatened by fired MacGregor, which you know will come back to haunt the Panthers.

There's heartaches on Brothers & Sisters as Joe goes for full custody of the children, much to Sarah's shock. Then there's heartburn when Kitty discovers she's pregnant and by keeping it a secret, means that in the Walker family, everybody will know about it. Justin inadvertently finds out about it when he sees his mom run to the pantry, meaning she knows somethings big is going on, and Justin spreads the news faster than TMZ ever could. How cute is it that Justin is the biggest gossip? I love this family and all their little quirks. I love that they actually FEEL like a family when they watch the Republican debates, where Robert McCalister defends Kitty's more liberal leaning opinions, and his own right to privacy. Damnit, Senator McCalister is almost convincing enough to consider my vote... almost.

Tommy continues having the affair with the new girl, even after Holly warns her. Apparently there are no cabs in Pasadena that she could call when she's drunk outside a club, and calls her boss Tommy just oh so conveniently.

Meanwhile, the Men In Trees' Cash finds it awfully convenient and comfortable living at Marin's but sees the sparks still flying between Marin and Jack. Marin learns of Jack and Lynn's breakup (so long Justine Bateman) while Cash decides to move on. Unfortunately, Jack finds Cash sick in the woods and brings the often-naked Cash back to Marin to heal.

After George comes up with too elaborate (aka: too gay/"InStyle" for Patrick) of plans for the wedding, Patrick asks Marin to be his Best Man, despite Marin already being Annie's Maid of Honour. Celia breaks her hip but is too proud to ask for Richard's help, and Plow Guy is back!

More pictures of Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives (including more of Jesse Metcalfe as John) after the jump:


Anonymous said...

I actually hollered out (I said "hollered"...) at the TV, as soon as there were people singing Karaoke, "I hope Jason sings" knowing his talents. Unfortunately, his true singing abilities were not displayed. Let's get this boy a guest spot on Pushing Daisies!

Vance said...

What a great idea! Yeah, it was just a dabble into his abilities.

Liz said...

Yeah, seriously, how dumb were Carlos and Gabby to smooch right in front of that window, knowing about the mysterious van and everything?! Bananas. I am also loving the gays, and wondering if they'll have a big mystery as well.