Friday, October 12, 2007

30 Rock - Will Be Funny

Jack Gets Into The Game

"Me Want Food". Tracy sends Kenneth to fulfill his wife. Devon Banks (the very very very very very very very funny Will Arnet, Arrested Development) is back and about to marry GE head Don Geiss' (Rip Torn) very homely daughter, even though he's very very gay and trying to seduce Kenneth.

These are just some of the crazy funny things happening on 30 Rock this week.

Jenna is still fat but finding her new full self getting more notice than her old skinny self.

Devon is battling Jack to take over the company and each uses dirtier and dirtier (and funnier and funnier) tricks to one over each other. Using the shirtless jock was a nice move by Jack at the BBQ, just as Devon trying to burst Jack's heart from feeding him beef and wine was just as low, and yet brilliant move.

Kenneth (still being eye raped by Devon) is sent by Tracy to appease his disgruntled wife (Sherri "my View is the world is flat" Shepherd) and Kenneth throws up on the foyer when he can't handle breaking up a marriage. Somehow. That makes sense on the show. Somehow all the wackiness makes sense on the show. So if you're not watching already, please start. You're gut will thank you for it. You'll get to do some less situps from all the laughing you'll be doing.

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Liz said...

Looooved this episode. I feel like it's time to start kidnapping people and forcing them to watch this, Clockwork Orange-style.