Monday, October 15, 2007

Project Runway Canada - Does It Measure Up?

Let's face it. Even though I'm proud of the show that I work on, and that I think Corner Gas is terrifically hysterical, the mere mention of Canadian television usually makes me and everyone else in this country run far far away. At least the Canadian movies that none of us watch seem to win awards around the world, but television is not exactly something we are known for (unless it's kids television, then we rock that world).

And let's face it, Little Mosque on the Prairie really isn't that good. There. I said it. If it weren't for all the non-controversy controversy, or is that controversial non-controversy?, that show wouldn't be getting as much attention, and now that The CW has made Aliens in America, there's proof that you can make a Muslim in the midwest a much funnier and smarter show (oh my god, did I just say The CW and "Smart" in the same sentence?).

So even though Canadian Idol generally produces better talent than its American version (with the exception of this last season), the thought of a Project Runway Canada made me a little trepidatious. (You Can Watch The First 2 Episodes HERE)

So I watched the premiere last night (new episodes on Mondays at 10pm on Slice, repeats Saturdays) and not only were the production values just as good as the American original (and the shots of Toronto actually made it look beautiful! I love my city but seriously, I know everyone knocks it because it's not always the prettiest city in the world, but I know it can be beautiful too so I'm glad someone has shot it that way), but the contestants, the snickering, the bitching, the fast paced projects were all there. Plus, Iman is the host! IMAN! She's so cool! She brings such a regal authority to the hosting job, yet she has this motherly touch as well that Elizabeth Hurley didn't have (on Project Catwalk, the UK version). This is all still Heidi Klum's baby but Iman is definitely impressive (even though originally, I thought maybe they should have chosen a Canadian model but whatev, Iman is COOL!).

Brian Bailey is our Tim Gunn, and while there's NO replacement for Tim Gunn, at least Brian Bailey is WAY closer to Tim Gunn (in heart and gentle but firm commentary) than the snarky and just plain MEAN British version Ben deLisi who made it painful to watch Project Catwalk sometimes.

So yeah, I've been suckered into Project Runway Canada now. Crap. More good TV. More after the jump:

So they started with 13 contestants and right away, had to design something within minutes with the little material and sewing equipment they were given in a box, all while on a boat on Lake Ontario. I can smell the toxins already. Right away, the best looking guy was knocked out but maybe it was another Canadian moment but he was very humble in the way he received the bad news and conceded that his design was nowhere near as good as the others and didn't bitch as he left. Where's the bitching? Where's the drama?

Ah, but no worries cause Darin is around and he just started at the camera right away. And didn't let up. In a very annoying way. Anyways, to fast forward, he created the worst dress of the night, constantly coming up with more excuses that just kept digging himself into a hole. So, out he goes, because as Iman said "You Don't Measure Up". But no worries, based on the clips from tonight's new episode, there will be no lack of bitching from the remaining crew.

Anyways, their first REAL project was to raid each others suitcase that they brought to the show, and pick out 4 items and make a dress out of it. Fabulous! Of course, the twist was, just before they were to start working, you got to take back one of your stolen pieces of wardrobe back, leaving each contestant with only 3 items to work with. Harsh. Love it.

Anyways, based on snap judgements and the first episode, I think I like Lucian (who has nice ideas), Evan Biddell (who is pretty funny), Kendra (who seems to have it together), Shernett (who seems nice), Carlie (who is cute in her confidence) best but I like Marie Genevieve's dress best (above, which ended up winning). Kendra's design is below. Megan at this point, is the worst and most annoying.

The judges Shawn Hewston of Bustle Clothing (?), Rita Silvan, editor of Elle Canada, Iman, and guest judge designer Arthur Mendonça were pretty good and had some good critical commentary without being nasty (again, like the British judges). It's hard to replace Michael Kors and Nina Garcia but so far, I'm pretty content with who we have here.

Here were the 12 final contestants with Darin already eliminated:

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YLG Hair Replacement said...

Love Project Runway!
It still has that "cutting" edge. True to American Version. Think Judges are harder. Iman is fabulous. Mentor, great. Love pictures the post from Toronto, looks like a clean, wealthy city!
Fast moving, designers interesting.Not bad at all!