Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol - Final Two, Blake vs. Jordin, The Beats Vs. The Sweet

Final Two - Performance Night

A quick note before I go to bed.

Jordin seems poised to win now but I wouldn't be surprised if Blake did take it, but I won't make predictions.

Jordin is so sweet and is pretty great, though I don't think her voice is as perfect as they said it was (that honour goes to Melinda), but she has the poise to carry off a pretty good tune all with class and dignity.

Blake, well, is just awesome when he jumps around and entertains. Plus, I think I've fallen in love with his laugh and attitude, but while his vocals aren't perfect, I think he knows himself enough to pull off his performances most of the time.

So Blake rocked the two rounds in my opinion, but Jordin rocked the third. Except, that new song written specifically for the final was the same gloopy shit that suits a woman's voice far better than a man's, and particularly one with more soothing R&B Pop voice than Blake's more modern sound. I thought this song writing contest was supposed to yield something different this year? Not another poor man's "A Moment Like This" (already itself a poor man's version of any ballad by Diane Warren). The song totally leans towards someone like Jordin or Melinda so it was kind of an unfair disadvantage for Blake.

So, I would still prefer Blake Lewis to win just for his originality and that we hadn't had anyone like him yet, but Jordin Sparks would probably follow well in Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood's footsteps, even though it's a bit of a boring and obvious choice (and I mean that in the sweetest way).

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