Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Idol – Top 9 Country Night

Did Ryan Seacrest read the same article I did?

I’m not sure if I love the look or think it looks ridiculous yet though. At least he still looks better than Ace.

Okay. Let’s just get this out of the way. Ace. You sang Keith Urban’s “Tonight I’m Gonna Cry”. GREAT GREAT SONG CHOICE.
Simon was positive. WHAT THE FREAK WAS HE HEARING? Ace totally BUTCHERED the song and was completely off key. It was HORRIBLE. ONLY to be added to more HORRIBLENESS was the fact that he kept googlyeyeing the screen with his “I’m too sexy” look. Disturbing. WORST OF THE NIGHT. Which saves Bucky from being down there, who decently made his way through last night.

Taylor was boring, Kellie was good in those loud brash moments but sucked at anything quiet or low, and still looks like she just fell off the turnip truck (even though apparently, her grandparents are FREAKING RICH… though I guess money doesn’t necessarily buy someone intelligence or class).

When did Bailey start singing? Man. Chandra Wilson is one busy woman, being on American Idol AND Grey’s Anatomy.

Elliot again, had a GREAT voice on an okay song. Garth Brooks can do it, but don’t worry Elliot. Ronan Keating didn’t do that song well either.
Still, Katharine was the best of the night this week. She was bubbly and sultry and finally showed me she has the potential as American Idol. I didn’t even know that song but TOTALLY LOVED IT.

Meanwhile, my other top dogs, Mandisa and Chris were warbly but at least Chris chose another Keith Urban song, “Making Memories Of Us” which was another great song choice and at least done half reasonably.

So let’s hope Ace is bottom tonight (that sounds dirty doesn’t it?) and since Katharine was almost near the bottom last week, everything is still possible!

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