Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gilmore Girls – The Real Paul Anka

I know why we all can’t stand the April storyline. Because while many men would do what Luke is doing, keeping April separate from his relationship with Lorelai, Luke would NOT do that. Which is why that whole storyline doesn’t sit well with everyone. The fact that they even had to resort to a storyline like that, worries me, but I gave it a chance, but yes, it’s the whole distancing that Luke is doing that feels off character somehow.

Meanwhile, if they can bring Jess back AGAIN, why can’t they bring back Marty? I know Wayne Wilcox lives in NY now, but apparently they were thinking of bringing him in, but then it wasn’t worth getting him a plane ticket over. You’re a friggin WARNER BROS. production. It’s MARTY. It’s worth the price of the plane ticket. Hell, I will shell out the plane ticket so they can bring Marty back.


Tosy And Cosh said...

I disagree. I think this is in perfect keeping with Luke's character, to not want to deal with integrating Lorelai and April until he had figured out where he and April stood. He knows that this is important, that Lorelai and April will be a part of each other's lives, and it scares him given that he doesn't know the kid either. He's wrong, and doing it the wrong way, but I buy that he'd do it.

vance said...

hmm... i can see your point, but I feel that maybe because the introduction between Lorelai and April was too laisez-faire somehow and that if he WAS being so protective about it, wouldn't that meeting have been a little more awkward or dramatic or something? Still love the show but sometimes I want to slap a few of them now.

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