Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Prison Break

I'm going to sneak in this post for Grey's Antomy, last week's Veronica Mars, and Prison Break this week.

How hot was George and Callie in the crazy hospital basement loft? How eerie is it that George and Thatcher really do look a bit alike? and How confusing is it that Chris O'Donnell looks like McSteamy (who apparently has been signed on for 13 eps next season), at least momentarily when we first see him?

George Michael and Maebe really should just move to Neptune next year and join Veronica at Hurst College.

I KNEW the guy wasn't dead on Prison Break! But, could't they just have faked a sickness or something then if they needed him dead? It's not like they NEEDED Lincoln to die, they just needed a scapegoat. Again, wouldn't a fake heart attack have been easier?


M the Big O said...

For a second, Chris O'Donnell looked good before I realized who he was. Yeah, for all of 2 seconds, I was like, "McSteamy is a VET???"

Still not into the George and Callie thing - weird.

vance said...

Love George, so love anybody whose heart stops for George. If you don't love Sara Ramirez yet, try to find a clip of her as the Lady of the Lake (which she won the Tony for)in "Monty Python's Spamalot" on Broadway and you will LOVE her. Her voice is scary amazing.

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