Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost – Dave

Last weeks episode was simply AMAZING. One of the best in a strong season, from a strong show (though is saying it is a strong season when it only had two amazing seasons just kinda redundant or something?).

In “Dave”, it just kept getting better, with many of the rampant theories flying around the internet getting a straight up nod on the show. You know the writers may not have everything figured out but they sure are having fun flailing it around in front of our face.

We see Hurley and his crazy buddy Dave (Charlotte’s Jewish Husband, the lovable Evan Handler) in the psych hospital, with creepy doctor Bruce Davison overlooking them. Is Hurley crazy though? Since Dave isn’t real? Or is this whole island not real? Did the lottery ever happen? Is he still stuck in the Psych ward? Only Libby will ever know!!!

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monique said...

OMG!!! well said vance ;) just finished watching the dave episode, and it was beyond good. lost has got to be one of the best tv series with never ending, cliff hanging twists and turns. i only hope all these loose ends get neatly tied up in the end... can't wait for next week to see hopefully more about libby. i think she's better as a blond, but then it could of been her homely psych outfit she was sporting with her brown hair.

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