Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lost – Lockdown

Locke Down?

I hope you saw this ep and not totally relying on this recap because this episode is so good and must be seen. Go download it. NOW.

Katey Segal is back as Locke’s lover, just as Lock is about to ask her for her hand in marriage. Asshole father however dies, they say their goodbyes, but then father reappears, playing a congame against some bad men he ripped off, and now needs Locke to claim his 750K in a safety deposit box.

Meanwhile, on the island, Jack leaves the Hatch leaving Locke and Henry Gale. All of a sudden, there’s a lockdown in the hatch, and Locke releases Henry out to help open the gates. Locke gets crushed by one of the gates, leaving Henry to attempt to sneak out through a vent so that he can press the 6 numbers. (Why didn’t they just use the vent in the first place?). Henry disappears, and the beeping of the flipping numbers are heard, and suddenly a map is flashed before trapped Locke, a MAP of all the Dharma hatches.

Suddenly the gates reopen, and Henry returns, but thank goodness, Jack, Anna Lucia, Sayid, Charlie arrive just in time to corner Henry Gale. Why? They found the parachute earlier, but they also dug up the “wife’s” grave, only to find the real Henry Gale in it!I KNEW that guy had something up his sleeve.

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