Monday, April 10, 2006

Rest of Last Week

Supernatural – Something Wicked
Izzie’s Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) returns in flashbacks as Sam and Dean’s father, and a bunch of ghost hunters asks the all important question during a perilous situation: WWBD (What Would Buffy Do?)

The OC – The Day After Tomorrow
Marissa got into Berkeley?
I’m also digging the whole Jeff Hephner bruised look. Also liking the Marissa plus skank guy, if only to remove her from the rest of the gang, especially the Summer and Julie Cooper Nichol Cooper Roberts bonding sessions.

The New Adventures of Old Christine – I’ll Show You Mine
Flat out funny. Though I’m sad to see Burton go. Girls, some of you should be watching this, because you have said the same thing right after you dumped a guy. Do I love him?

Teachers. – Field Trip
Isn’t it a little weird and disconcerting to watch Cosby kid Kenny (Deon Richmond) now all grown up?

My Name is Earl – The Bounty Hunter
So that’s how Joy and Earl got married! Poor Bounty Hunter. She should be back in comedies.

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