Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Scrubs, Sons & Daughters and Pepper Dennis

Yah! Carla and Turk are finally pregnant! This week? Everyone doing anything nice basically get’s screwed. Turk does not want to be J.D.’s date on Thursday nights, Liver-giver gets screwed from giving his own liver to his brother, and Dr. Cox is forced to spend time with Keith, who Elliot and Jordan groom into Dr. Cox (aka whipped husband). The identically matching outfits were just too precious! Carla gets ignored by everyone for being the messenger for Kelso.

I love the game Liz and Jenna (on Sons & Daughters) played at the old people party, where they had a shot for every lesbonic moment between the two old aunties.

And where did they find that kid that plays Jenna and Whitey’s kid? SOOOOO CUTE!

As for Pepper Dennis? Or Ally McBeal meets Murphy Brown only with Rebecca Romijn who at least looks like she eats, and can probably eat up Calista Flockhart? Amusing, but a little tired. Entertaining enough but not sure if it is appointment television. I do like seeing Brooke Burns in a comedic role though, and almost makes you forget North Shore. Almost.

Ally McBeal alum Josh Hopkins is looking older, but I like him enough, though I still say they should have expanded his re-occuring character on Without a Trace (from the first season).

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