Saturday, April 29, 2006

Survivor: Exile Island, My Name Is Earl

Terry wins the reward, and the immunity, but again, who cares, cause CIRIE stirs the POT and with the imminent voting of a fellow Casaya member, the dealing is in full swing. Still, everyone thinks they are in control, but we all know that Cirie played her chess move and got Courtney out and no one still hates her. I knew she was the one to contend with and why I like her the most! Now if she and Aras can make their way to final 2, this would have been one of the best seasons around.
On Earl, Mike O’Malley shows up as a disgraced cop (disgraced by yours truly) and almost makes you forget The Mike O’Malley Show. Still, he has years of penance to make up for Yes Dear. (Is My Name Is Earl, the Karma make up for creator Greg Garcia creating Yes Dear? Yes dear, that’s why Mike got his guest spot though amazing how better material can make a better performance).

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