Monday, April 17, 2006

What About Brian - Pilot

Do we need another show about a singleton and their troubles in dating amongst a world of seemingly happy couples? HELL YA.
Is this the show to fill that Love Monkey/Sex and the City/Ed/Friends/Felicity/ thirtysomething gap? I’m not sure, but it was a half decent start, though a little underwhelming considering JJ Abrahms name is attached (as executive producer), as it wasn’t the all-out Homerun that the pilots for Felicity, Alias and Lost all were.
Still, never being a Camden’s 7th Heaven Family fan, Barry Watson as Brian didn’t irritate me, and again another nice little touch of having “Julie” Amy Jo Johnson appear as a guest, since it seems a member of Felicity now must appear in every pilot JJ works on.
Still, the premise could work (well. Since it was basically stolen from an idea I had as well (not that its particularly THAT original), but the 3 couples problems seemed to be thrown so fast at us in the pilot, that we still don’t really know Brian all that well. What ABOUT Brian?

I’ll give it a chance. If only for “Madison” Sarah Lancaster (Everwood).

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