Friday, June 02, 2006

Entourage - The Boys are BACK!

Well, again, I don't get HBO so I'll have to get it ... ahem... another way, but Entourage is back for Season 3 and let's hope we get to see Ari "Hug it out, bitch!" as he deals with being ousted from his agency.

While Entourage won't appear on my Best of TV from this past season list (only because it doesn't actually fit into the correct time of the last season), it was on my Best of TV list of 2005, so hopefully this show will gain even more ground this coming season while people catch up with this show.

I wonder if the "Aquaman" in Entourage would have been any better than the Aquaman pilot that was commisioned for The WB/The CW that ultimately, did not get picked up (for apparently good reason).

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