Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Everwood - Foreverwood, Series Finale

That. Is. How. A. Finale. is. Done.

It never lost touch with its own core and yet gave us every manipulative, traditional happy endings we secretly wanted for the folks in Everwood, and yet, it totally worked, because it stayed true to itself.

And what a wheeper it was... I actually missed a huge plot point in the end because by the last 30 min, I couldn't see through the tears.

Everwood never was afraid to tackle issues realistically, with non-happy deal-with-it-now stories threads. It killed characters before it became trendy ( I mean, even Brenda Strong died in the Everwood pilot, before she died more famously in the Desperate Housewives pilot not to mention what happened in Season 2). They never were afraid to make their main characters get mean or annoying (remember Amy with druggie Tommy? Ephram in Season 3?), or let their characters do stupid things (remember Amy with druggie Tommy? the "Madison" story, Harold Abbott lying on the adoption application form, Andy Brown falling for Anne Heche's married woman, Bright's womanizing etc.) and yet through it all, it had far more of a moral core than another show that was recently cancelled on The WB only to be revived from the dead to The CW.

So long Everwood! It was a pleasure to visit!

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