Friday, June 02, 2006

The Gratuitous Entry

Wow! The much-mocked Canadian TV drama "Falcon Beach" premieres on ABCFamily this weekend (though the drama is now set in New England rather than Manitoba, probably since even Canadians don't even care where that is) and the New York Times review liked it better than "Beyond the Break", the other scantily clad show premiering on The N tonight. Though we are talking marginally speaking of course. Now that means Beyond the Break has got to be horrific since Falcon Beach stinks. Still, here are the gratuitous promo shots of each show.

How awesome that there exists someone in the world that still employs David Chokachi (centre)?

Even the promo shots for Falcon Beach look faked in. Love the Zoolander look for the dweeb on the right. And hey, its Degrassi shooter guy (second from left)!

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