Monday, June 12, 2006

Movie Review - Cars

Worst Pixar film, but thats still far better than most Dreamworks/Sony/other animated films or other non-animated films period! (Think more in terms of A Bugs Life or Monsters, Inc. rather than Finding Nemo or The Incredibles). Which surprised me cause the trailers were starting to look pretty bad, but in the end, Pixar creates an amazing world with lovable characters that ultimately win your heart (despite being the most cliched of the Pixar movies). For Entourage fans, look out for a hilarious Jeremy Piven voice cameo, and make sure you stay right until the very end of the movie. And look carefully throughout the movie because that is where all the jokes are. Not the funniest of movies script wise, but so many visual gags that I found most of the audience laughing at different bits depending on what you caught and notice. LOTS of inside jokes.


Update: I've changed my grade to 9/10 or A- upon second viewing.

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