Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What has Laguna Beach Wrought?

Did anybody see How to Get the Guy or The Tuesday Night Book Club? Nice camera work, first brought by Laguna Beach, with it's shiny glossy camerawork but capturing "documentary" style the "realities" of Laguna. Admitedly, Laguna had a bit of trashy addictiveness to it, but after a while, COME ON.
Now? How to... and Tuesday Night...? Please. As host of How to... we have Theresa "I was fired from While You Were Out because even hosting yet another reno show I can be grating and thankfully was replaced by the much more enjoyable Evan Farmer" Strasser, meanwhile, even the commercials alone for Tuesday makes me want to be un-manly and slap all those women.

I know it's summer filler but what happened to the Summer TV Season? Entourage, Rescue Me and Big Brother (I know. Trash. but fun trash... hehe) cannot just be it? Can it?

In the meantime, I'm a little late on my Best of the Past TV Season list and my Emmy hopes as I'm STILL catching up with May Sweeps. Soon...soon...

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