Thursday, July 06, 2006

The 58th Emmy Nominations - The new voting system STILL doesn't work


This new Voting system they kept touting was supposed to usher in a whole new era in nominees but I guess I was just too naive to realise it was all just a ploy.

In the end, Things are looking even worse than before. So much for the "new Lauren Graham voting system".

Still No WB or UPN show, Still No Lauren Graham, No Tichina Arnold, Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell, T.R. Knight from Grey's Anatomy. Not even Hugh Laurie for House, Entourage, or anything from Lost. WHAT?

and Kevin James from King of Queens, Two and a Half Men, and Will and Grace still get nods? Freakin Tony Shalhoub for Monk AGAIN? That is still on?

I don't even know where to start and I'm sure this post will keep changing and updating but basically, this years Emmy Nominations SUCK.

If there was any new nominations, they were for old nominees in new projects (Stockard Channing for Out of Practice, which even while I liked, still was far deserving for Emmy status, Lisa Kudrow for The Comeback, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for The New Adventures of Old Christine which was one of the few personal picks that actually came to fruition).

I'm actually happy that Christopher Meloni finally got one for Law and Order: SVU but to snub Hugh Laurie? House was not at its best this season and I don't think belongs on the Best Drama list but how can the best thing on that show not be nominated?

My theory stolen from a few other people's theory? While there was the second round of voting from a "blue ribbon panel", it required people to show up to vote, and who has time to do that? the senior citizen emmy voters, the same voters who tend to vote for the same few bunch year after year. Plus since only single episodes were screened, shows like Lost which cater to long series long storylines and only are understood under a longer than one-episode arc probably lose out.

The few highlights, and this year, there are very few, Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin for 24, Jaime Pressly for My Name is Earl (though that show should have gotten more nods), and Elizabeth Perkins for Weeds (another show that should have gotten more nods) and Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh for Grey's Anatomy. Will Arnet for Arrested Development, and Jeremy Piven for Entourage, Steve Carell for The Office. hmm.... and that's about it. I have entire categories that I'm unhappy with and the only category where I think all 5 nominees are actually deserving is sadly the Best Reality Competition catgory.

Man... this list must be a joke right? That's the only way to explain it's general suckiness right?

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